What curriculum do Toronto schools follow?


I am moving to Toronto soon as a PR with 2 kids one Canadian and one PR. I wanted to know what curriculum do Toronto schools follow? Where now in Dubai and my 3 years old is in a british curriculum nursery and I hear that Canadian schools are more like american curriculum. is this right ?
and at what age the kid is admitted to school.
my second one is only 1 year old can I put her in a day care and what are the conditions to admit her, if any?
any recommendation about schools will be much appreciated.

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hello christine my name is florence im studying diploma in nursing in malaysia and will like to work in canada when im done how possible is that i mean can i work with my diploma?


While I am not in Toronto for the moment I do have at teaching license for Ontario secondary school.

Yes you are right that the schools here are more like American schools.

As for your children...one is 3 and the other is 1? Okay normally age 5 is the start age in the school system. So at this point you will have to find a nursery/pre-school program to get them into if you want.

Do you know where you are going to live? If you do, contact the
local school board and ask them these questions. And if you do not mind a suggestion about buying a house here. Do not buy for a year to two years, rent an apartment and see about housing and costs before you buy. It has just that my immigrant friends in Toronto have felt that they got burned because of this.

Hope this helps a little.