College in Toronto Region (Seneca or Mohawk).Any advice?

Hi Everyone!

I am Saulo a brazilian architect currently living in Rio de Janeiro and excited to be part of this forum!

My main goal is to move to Canada to do a Civil Engineering Technology course in a College. At first glance, I am looking for a College in Toronto Region (Seneca or Mohawk), if You guys have some advice to me about the college it will be great!

Hi saulo,

Welcome to expat-blog! :)

I created a new thread from your post on the Toronto forum so as you can get feedbacks from members of this forum.

Wishing you luck in your project, ;)

I am not sure about civil engineering in specific, but I do know that Mohawk is pretty good with the computer degrees.

Thanks, Bhavna! :)

It's good to hear from You, Philipyeo, about the Mohawk's good reputation in IT programs.
I will research more about Civil Engineering. Thanks!

Hello Saulo,

Mohawk College has been in existence for decades and has an excellent reputation. If they do have a Civil Engineering program I'm sure you'd be very happy there.

Just remember it's not Bahia, it gets pretty darned cold in the Toronto area in the winter. You'll need to buy lots of warm clothing, and you can leave the Havaianas at home unless you intend to use them for the shower.  :lol:

James      Expat-blog Experts Team

Hi James!

Nice your reply!  :lol::lol:
The weather will be a big issue for me, but I think I can overcome it with the proper warm clothing as You told, but I know it will be very tough!

Thanks for the information about Mohawk, I already sent to them an email with some doubts about their admission process.

Ps.: As a good Baiano, I will take my pair of Havaianas with me (probably only for the shower time!).  :lol::lol: 

Warm Regards,


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