Elementary school

I want to know about the elementary school and details about the admission?

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In meantime, you can read these articles about Study in Canada. Hope it helps.

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our school boards are provincially run (then municipally)

here's some sites to check out:

citizenship and immigration canada (structure of schools in canada):
http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/newcomers/ … chools.asp

ontario ministry of education:

toronto district school board (for publicly funded schools)



Is it possible for a child that has no canadian papers yet to join schools in Toronto?

Hi Myriamm,

When you say 'a child that has no Canadian papers' do you mean just that, a child born in a foreign country whose parents are legal residents of Canada, or do you mean that you do not have legal status in Canada?

Canadian laws require all children to be placed in public or private schools; or to be home schooled following certain very strict regulations. School boards everywhere in Canada are obligated to provide a space for all children in their jurisdiction.

The documentation they require does not necessarily need to be Canadian documents. You will require a birth certificate (purely to establish the child's age) and record of vaccination, if the child has previously attended school a transcript of their academic history will also be required. That's about all.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team
(By the way, I'm a Canadian living in Brazil)

Thanks Will! Precious info..

What I meant is that, our canadian papers are still being processed. My son is born in a foreign country AND does not yet have his canadian papers..
Do you think it is still possible for him to go to school or would it be better to enroll him in a language school from until the beginning of the next academic year (sept 2013)?

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Whatever country your child's 'papers' are from is unimportant. They are accepted universally by the school boards in Canada.

Not only is your child ABLE to be enrolled at any time, but law REQUIRES it, unless you are given permission to homeschool your children.

Since the Canadian school year has just recently started there is absolutely no reason to wait to enroll your child and you should not do so. Apart from their regular schools most school boards throughout Canada offer schools in their district that provide English immersion for foreigners and French speaking Canadians or French Immersion for foreigners and English speaking Canadians. You can choose what is more appropriate for your situation and based on the province and city you reside in.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team