University of Toronto

As the tenth most employment university among the world . University Toronto does not put their addmissiom email address on the website .

1. Does anyone know how could I contact university of Toronto for international students through email ?

2. How the university help on job positioning after the course (bachelor/ undergraduate program)

3. Which subject will give me the fastest way for earning?

Thank you so much

hey!  :)

everything should be on the official website of the university...
seen that when googled your query : "Just go to and log in with your UTORid and password."

the uni is considered kinda central here, so should have partnerships with potential employers . I guess the key to success is to be proactive and the uni will help you settle

I like the last question :)  there's probably no answer you will get from outside)) however tame it sounds - do what you love , love what you do !))
or opt for IT ahah