Living/Studying in Canada

Hey Everyone,

I just moved from different areas around the US and Canada to arrive at the top rated primarily undergraduate school in Canada, Mount Allison University. I've started writing my blog about the experience of being a Canadian-American returning to Canada. It's been a pretty great experience so far. I'm really glad I've found such a great site to share and hear from other expats.

Friend hi, I need advise ... I decided to go lasalle this year , but vancouver or montreal..dont know which city is a great smooth change for me ?? dont want to spend big money at the beginning when I arrive Canada..what should I do? confused...

I'm actually not sure which would be better for you. I've only lived on the outskirts of Vancouver I can say that it's a very nice city. In Montreal there is a much higher francophone population and French is the official language of Quebec.

For cost of living see: