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Good day everyone

My husband and I are looking to buy a piece of land and to then build our home on it.

We are feeling a bit clueless in terms of the costing. Has anyone built a home of recent or is in the process of building and can give us some advice in terms of what we should take into consideration?

Does building a second storey make a HUGE difference to costing in terms of the grey work?
Where do we start in terms of budgeting?

Thank you

Good afternoon,

FWIW if neither of you is a Mauritian citizen, you won't be eligible to acquire land to build your house. Only solutions: PDS or  an R+2 apt .

Luckily my husband is Mauritian by decent so he has his Mauritian I.D. and passport so we will be able to build on his name.

It depends what kind of house, how big, what kind of amenities.
I built a three storey house on a large plot of land.
The top storey is totally independent by outside staircase.
I regret this now as the house is too big to maintain.

A modern house with large lounge, a big kitchen and dinner, with toilet and shower on the ground floor and three bedroom with two at least with en suite bathroom and  an additional bathroom toilet would be adequate I think.  The outer design etc you can find on google. Find a god contractor(reputable) and get an estimate.

Good Luck !!!

hi kirsten...i'm still building...:;-(((,
the budget it dipends on many better to go around to have quotations....and looks of their  before works....sometimes too cheap could be...not so professional . it dipends on quality and time to realize your work....usually they count on feet carrè and how long they needs to realize all the work.
take care if you want the cornice (board) all around.... can be really expensive...and if you decide for the  electrical system inside or outside.... the air condition too...which kind of material do you want to use...
as usual ...the quotation could be just x an idea...
clarify since the beginnings writing what is included and what not the price...
good luck...if you need more information...can you write private...

Thank you for your advice Vedan and Fabry.

Luckily my husband has his own electrical business so he will sort that out for us at cost. As well, his family manufacture and sell kitchens and bedroom cupboards so that will be another aspect taken care of. As well, any aluminium work.

So my biggest concern at this point in time is the grey work. We will definitely be shopping around for some quotes. And I 100% agree with you that cheap doesn't mean better. My hubby and I want to see examples of work carried out by builders to ensure that the quality of workmanship is good.

Let me know if you find a good/reliable builder. I am also looking to build a house soon.

Hello everyone,

@ BG16, there are some contacts recommended in the business directory : Housing & building contractors in Mauritius

Better you request a quote from them and compare the prices.

All the very best

I want to know what is the per sq. mt. With materials, at the moment.

It cost roughly Rs 750 sq feet

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Hi Kirsten,
Have a look at the business directory : Housing & building contractors in Mauritius. You can get quotations and advice from the people there.
Good luck
Al Bany


Building in Mauritius in blocks and concrete varies from 550 to 1200 sf which sound funny but its true but the realistic price lies between 850 to 1000 MUR/sf for structure and rendered only (this rate is for rectangular shape building only without cornices and other deco).

I have been doing massive jobs in Mauritius and loads of interiors like Emtel show rooms  Tamarina villas hospitals etc but building with blocks we have stop doing it because;

1. people are crushing the market to get a job and leave the job when the money is finish
2. the quality will surely reflect on the cost you will pay for. will you know that the right proportion of each materials are being used? thus creating problems in the future

better you seek advice from an architect there is Maxim de fleurio in tamarin am not sure if I wrote his name correctly but try this guy.

Will be coming with new technology more resistant than block and concrete quicker building method just to give you an idea 2000sf in a month grey. cost wise 15 to 20% cheaper than concrete..Soon




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Hi guys

I have managed to build 2 property with no contractor. You just need to have a good team which took time.

I had to train a few to be honest .lol

But generally for just Grey building and render it would be around the rs800 upwards per ft sq

But honestly that does not eat your budget it's the finishing which cost like tiles.bathroom appliance. Kitchen etc


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