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Hi im hazel im currently working as a food counter attendant in canada but unfortunately my contract will finish next year and im planning to go to sg.. F & B jobs is i think good for me.. Are there still lot of jobs for f & b in singapore now?

As a foreigner from the Western world, you only have a realistic chance of working in Singapore if you have a (recognised) university degree.
F&B jobs are predominantly filled by third world labourers who earn very little (not enough to rent an apartment).

Thank you for your reply sir.. But i am not a canadian. I only work here as a foreign worker also. But i have a degree of bachelor of science in commerce and i also have experience in dubai as a cash desk clerk. I am so confuse if i should push through singapore as my next destination.thanks

You did not mention this in your original post.
Since you are Philippina, you can also work in lower class jobs like restaurant attendant. These are badly paid (S$1000 for a waiter, plus accommodation and food by the employer).
Is your degree recognised by MoM? If not, these are probably your best choices.
If you speak Chinese, you may work your way up to F&B manager.

Thanks beppi😀

I am indian cook .i want job in singapore.

kambojiprashanth wrote:

I am indian cook .i want job in singapore.

So what, other than posting here, have you done to find a job? Did you research about the job market in Singapore and what your most marketable skills are? Have you figured out which visa and salary level is suitable for your situation? Did you identify the main players in your industry and contacted them? Did you start building a network of connections? How many job applications did you already send out?
Or have you, at least, read the many threads on this forum giving advise on how to find a job?
Just posting "i want job in singapore" is not enough!

My kitchen work exprince 6 prajent salary 12000 indian rupees.i am now second commi chef in resturent in hyderabad.i want singapore work visa.

I am telling you again: Just saying "i want singapore work visa" is not enough!
What have you done, or what are you planning to do to achieve it?
My advice above is a good starting point, or so I think.

Hi beppi.. I want to ask if its possible to be hired in singapore by applying online.. I am currently in canada now and as i said on my previous post that my contract will finish soon. I tried applying online, all is under agencies. Im not sure if they will call me with my number here in canada, but i just want to know if it its possible being hired? Thanks a lot

It is possible, but your chances are very low.
Forget about agents, you have to contact the employers directly!
And if you have already arranged a trip and mention in your application "I will be in Singapore from X to Y and would like to discuss with you personally" (or similar), then you"d get more interview invitations.

Thanks beppi.. Ok ill try to find direct employers from online coz most of the jobs posted are under agency. Thanks for your help. 😉

I will check if an agency who arranges foreigners for job range of $2,200 to $3,500. If they can help then will let u know. Or subsequently u may reach them but need to confirm with them first on whether they need for a face to face interview with employer or not, if yes then u have to travel here for an interview.

All the best

1) If you apply, you need to make sure that your job title correspond with your experience.
2) Your target should be those middle to large companies. It can be a group of companies. They should have the required quota. You will be lucky if you found one. If you found one, the chance of you being in the company is high.

Beware of fake consultancies n job agencies, if anyone asks for money then do not give as it could leads to cheat by them in future. So, try to get direct employer even though still cheating cases r there, but avoid to pay any money to agencies or employers.

All the best to job seekers in SG.

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