Wants to work ing Sg again

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This is Ronalyn a Filipino who works in Philippines and have planned to work in Singapore again however I was not able to finish my training employment pass four years ago.I am a Registered Nurse

Is it a good idea to look for a job in Singapore even if did not finish my tep before and return to my country without informing my agency nor employer?

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There's a shortage of nurses in Singapore and Phillipinos are particularly popular, because they mostly speak English.
However, you need to first clarify the matter of having absconded your previous appointment in Singapore - you might be blocked by MoM or have a legal problem (if the employer then sued for damages). Contact them to find out!

thanks for the reply.. should i contact MOM OR the agency who applied training employment pass for me to get the job?

You should contact MoM and your employer at that time.

i have absconded 4 years ago..and i hope that i can still work in singapore..by the way i tried to call MOM but they cabnot assist with the pass that i have they ask me to send an email. i got a response but then it was a system generated answer.

Yes, it is difficult to contact MoM. But since it is your only chance, you have no choice!
Do not do the same mistake and abscond again in future! It is always better to follow proper procedure and not burn bridges.

u know what i was able to get in touch with MOM directory assistance but when i entered my FIN they ask me to send an email but when i did. the email was not able to answer my question. it was just a general answer

Did you explain to them what happend and asked whether you are blacklisted because of this?
If so, and they didn't answer, then that is all you will get. Sorry, you might have lost your chance to work in Singapore again. (And yes, the Singapore authorities can be very harsh.)

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