Traveling from Latin America as tourist to get a job

Hi I am Joaquín from Panamá.

I come from a 3rd world nation but I am not poor.

I am currently studying but for personal reasons I want to hold my studies and travel to Singapore to get a job.

I am aware that without having a degree I will only be eligible for a low class jobs.

I am wondering if somebody can provide me some advises of how to seek for a job in Singapore? and what

documentation should I bring from my country to Singapore?

I am looking for whatever job such as, valet parking, waiter, etc.

Thank you everybody! :)

The Work Permit (WP) is the visa for such low-class jobs. You can read about it to get more info about the criteria.
WPs are usually only approved for neighbouring (Asian) third world countries. In addition, pay is very low for such jobs and you have to (by law) live in employer-provided accommodation (usually several people to a room in bunk beds).
A better opportunity is working on S-Pass, which requires a technical certificate (not a university degree). Do you have one?
Just for your information: There is no valet parking in Singapore and all customer-facing jobs like waiters require knowledge of local languages, usually Chinese.

JoaquinRamón wrote:

I come from a 3rd world nation but I am not poor.

You will be poor in Singapore!
Jobs on WP will give you S$1000-2000/month, on S-Pass S$2200-3500/month. A foreigner (single person) needs around S$4000-5000/month to have a reasonable lifestyle. Singapore isn't cheap!

Joaquin, I think beppi is right with what he said about the very expensive cost of living here in Singapore. I would be looking forward to see you here and know more about you, i think you are very courageous.

As for tips on where to apply jobs online, there are lot of online job site here such as jobsdb and jobstreet.

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