Hello guys!
Can you tell me if it's true that it's impossible to find a job in Singapore if you aren't an highly specialized worker or if you haven't got special qualifications ?
I have a scientific degree and a graduate degree in public health, instead my boyfriend has always worked so he has no qualifications.
We want to open a business activity in Singapore, but in the case it go wrong, I would like to know if Singapore is a  country that offers job opportunities (es. factory worker) also to those who don't have degrees or diplomas.
Thank you all  :thanks:

As a foreigner you have chances to be in and work in Singapore if you are hired!
You can apply  for jobs that need your qualifications.
There is no provision I any country which offer a job on the merit of failed business. So be careful before you start business. Starting business is very easy but running it profitably... it's need time and effort!

It is of course possible to find a job as a foreigner in Singapore at any level. However, without degree or other certificates, he is only eligible for a WP (work permit, the lowest class of work visa) and will be limited to manual labourer's jobs and compete with millions of people from Asian third world countries despererate to move to Singapore. The pay is VERY low - S$1000-2000/month, and he will have to (by law) stay in accommodation provided by the employer and have almost no rights. The next higher class of work visa, the S-Pass, is for salaries of S$2200-3300 and requires a technical certificate.
Another note: Unless you absolutely know what you're doing, please reconsider your plan to start a business in Singapore. It is now VERY difficult to get a visa based on running a business and you will only succeed if you invest a lot of money (we're talking millions here!) and employ several locals within a year.

I see from one of your other forum posts (in the Italian forum) that you want to import Italian foodstuff into Singapore.
Have you contacted some of the existing Italian foodstuff wholesalers there, to build connections and ask about their experiences? Although the prices are certainly high, the market is also quite small in Singapore, business costs are very high (do you have S$100000 on hand to build cold storage facilities and S$200000 to buy a delivery truck?) and import formalities complicated (raw meat products like Parma ham were forbidden until a few years ago and the local taste is more aligned with British ham and bacon, which is availabe everywhere cheaply).
In yet another post you say you plan to learn English in Cambodia. This is of course a hare brain scheme (go to an English speaking country instead!) and does not seem to indicate you know what you are doing!

Thank you Beppi. But..
Cold storage facilities can be rented and trucks make deliveries on payment.
Importing meat is not forbidden if you import from establishments approved by the authority.
Italian products's taste and quality can't be compared with those of cheap English ham and bacon.
And finally, we chose to study English in Asia for personal reasons and because there are hundreds of native english teacher living in Asia with which you can make conversation in English improving your own mastery of the language; this does not mean that our ideas are  confused.

I have my opinion, you have yours.
Of course you can just dismiss mine, but I think I know Asia and specifically Singapore better than you. (And, in any case, you might already fail at the visa stage - have you read about the Entrepass requirements?)
And, this is not opinion but fact: It is impossible to learn good English im a non-English-speaking environment.

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