Moving to Beerse Belgium, Accommodation Cost for Family of 3


I have got an offer to work with Jannssen Pharma in Beerse. My salary will be 1700 Euros nett and I will be bringing my husband who is currently working home based and my 2yr old son along with me as dependents.
I would require clarifications on the following

1.Which will be the best and the nearest place I should look for accommodation
2. What rent can I expect (Company has said they will find me a place for rent, however I will have to pay for it)
3. Is 1700 Euros sufficient for a family of 3. My husband's salary will be sufficient for paying our loans here in India, so we will have to manage with my salary in Belgium

Also do let me know if I have to take anything else into consideration.

Thank You

1) I'd use immoweb to look for housing, it is the main search website for housing, especially if you're not yet in Belgium, to give you an idea of costs. You'll find a few apartments not on immoweb, but not many.
Your salary indicates an apartment or small house will be affordable, perhaps 100m2 and 2 bedrooms maximum. For apartments, not houses, also remember that there is usually 2 figures 1) rent and 2) "charges" which can cover electricity / gas / common area maintenanance, when it includes electricity / gas, that amount is deducted from the actual bills when they arrive, so take out those amounts from the charges. 

I'd say Beerse (post code 2340) and Turnhout (post code 2300) are where to look.

Looking at the many adverts on immoweb, I'd say an average price per m2 is 10 euro per 1.5m2, so for 600 euro per month, you should get an average of 90m2 and at least 2 beds. Here is an example. … mp;xpage=1

2) I'd try and limit monthly rent to 1/3 of your monthly income, so if you have a monthly net income of 2000 euro, try and limit to 667 euro per month for example. Then allocate 1/3 of your salary to utility bills / food. Then allocate 1/3 of your bill to luxuries such as car / holidays / savings.

3) Clarify with your employer your monthly net salary. In Belgium, most people get at least 13 months and sometimes 14 months of salaries, with a double salary at Christmas and sometimes additional double salary around June. But those extra months aren't immediate, they are earned after a year of work. So if you will get 14 months of 1700 euro net, well that is enough, if just 12 months, a bit harder but still possible. With 1 child, you will also get child benefit (kinderbijslag) which you apply for via your employer and for 1 child is about 100 euro per month. That is paid over 12 months only!

Schools starts and is free from 2.5 years. Schools in Flanders where Beerse is are going to be consistently good, so find your nearest, pick your favourite, see if there is a place and then enrol. It will help you fit in. Belgium is a great place for children to grow up. By primary, many children in Flanders have picked up quite a bit of English, even if they don't study it yet at school. I am assuming at home you speak English, at least one Indian language too, so your son will end up tri linguual or quadrilingual.

Hope the above helps.

Thank you so much for the info. It is quite helpfull

Dear Deepika,

I am also in a situation like yours. I got the offer, but awaiting some final confirmations. I may need to move to beerse by end of october.

I am married and we dont have children yet. My salary is the similar to the one you listed . I hope you are already in belgium.  I am confused if i can survive with this salary because i dont know the actual living costs there. How are you finding it.? Is it ok with our salary range and will i be able to save something? Kindly help.

Hi Deepika, I also got offer for job in Janseen. Could you please advice about living cost and accommodation there?. I have 2 kid and husband with me. Thanks Kind regards


aksrgpv :

Hi Deepika, I also got offer for job in Janseen. Could you please advice about living cost and accommodation there?. I have 2 kid and husband with me. Thanks Kind regards


Please see the advice above, your question has already been answered.

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