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Okay, from the little information I have gathered so far, am a bit confused with my interest....Is there job opportunities in Singapore or the unemployment rate is high...Nd is any body out there have some connections in the job market that can lend me a hand through the market? Please let me know...

Hi mikafui1984,

I will invite you to please check out those articles :

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In which work sector are you job hunting please ?

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HI, Sir am an accounting executive, so any sector really, I can play my role...

The unemployment rate in Singapore is quite low, around 3%.
BUT: To find a job (and get a work visa) as a foreigner is harder, since the employer needs to show that there is no suitable local available for hire, before they can employ you.
Therefore "any sector really, I can play my role" will NOT work. You need some specific niche skills that are rare and in demand in Singapore, and focus on industries and companies that need it.
There are plenty of local accountants, so just accountancy will not get you far.

please am a staff NURSE from Ghana and I have 3 years experience plus a year national service experience. am planning to come and work in Singapore please is it possible to find a job in this field and can someone help me here

Nana Nyarko: You posted the same a few days ago - and I replied with good advice.
Did you read my reply and follow the advice? Why did you post the same again?

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