Morocan Invitation letter needed

Hi Everyone,

I wish to visit Morocco and the consular requests an invitation letter for my visa. Can someone grant me an invitation letter for Morocco?

you don't need a visa to come to morocco dude.

Hi Tangier, Thanks for the concern. I am a Cameroonian and need a visa. I was at the Morrocan Consulate in Yaounde to apply for the visa and the consul asked me to present an invitation letter. Please can you issue me an invitation letter?

Nice try, but man, do you really think that someone would issue an invitation letter to a total stranger?

there are other avenues, like applying to attend school in Morocco.

Thanks for the information. Please can you recommend any school that can easily grant me an admission letter or a seminer or workshop or conference or anything similar. I would be very grateful for your response.

Invitation letter is not required. Morocco is a touristic country, so knowing someone here before coming is absolutely bogus theory.

Just read the consulate website, invitation letter is required when you are coming for work. In case of tourism, you can book a hotel online and show the papers that you are goin for tourism for limited days(u have to show Air tickets too)

You can book hotel via internet, from or or and then the hotel will send you a confirmation for your stay, and then you will presents this confirmation booking to to consulat, and then they will give you visa like tourist :)

It's easy man :)

good luck

Hi Sir, thanks for the information. I did the hotel reservation and submitted and the consulate insisted instead for an invitation letter. I have the hotel reseration with me.

Thnks for the concern

If no try to find rental appartement for a year for exemple, and the owner of this appartment will send you that he rent for you 1 year, and i think that they will accept.

Hi Sir,

Thanks a million for the advise. This should be a better option. I will do just that.


I have a friend in morocco kindly tell me how he can send me an invitation letter because i am also stuck in this same kind of situation. Please tell me how to get the invitation letter in morocco attested by the foreign office. Is there any local agency doing this thing with the help of which this thing can be sorted out? You help will be so much for me. Thank you

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You create a thread of your own on the Morocco forum to obtain an answer to your query.

You don't stand much of a chance by posting on this inactive thread; it is quite old(dates back to 2012).

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@Diksha mam i want invitation letter for visa Morocco how to get / i have girlfriend Morocco so i want this girl marriage / she is not found where send invitation letter

Invitation letters are now a little complicated in Morocco, as the sponsor must legalised and get approval from the courts in order to issue the invitation. As your wanting to come to get married you should apply for a tourist visa not company visa.

You should check with the embassy in your country as to what documents are reared for touristic matters. Private message for more details on how to get married in Morocco.




Brother ap ko invitation mil gaya

Please mujhy bhi information dejye ga

I have friend im Morocco

He want to send me invitation letter but he also do not know where he need to make it.

Played if you get some information  than also share 2with me

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Apply E-visa, you will need nothing


I would suggest you to apply e-visa, as tourist, you will not need anything.