Opening a bank account in Russia

Hi all,

is it difficult for expats to open a bank account in Russia ?

Which documents are required to open a bank account in Russia ?

How long does it take to open it ?

Is there any restriction for expats regarding the services (loans for instance)  ?

Which bank would you recommend ?

Thanks in advance for your participation,


Sparbank is the easiest.

So, I went to  study for a month in August of 2016 and again for a month in March 2017. The univ. has a branch of Sver Bank on campus. and I  deposited a small amount each time (4 times) but currently there is a restriction on the bank by EU and the US. So I cant directly deposit to my account. I have to carry the money there. I was hoping our new Prez. would lift sanctions, however that isnt happening....

open an account in the country of your birth and have payments sent to there russian branch if possible

the key words "if possible". and if not possible, you have to do what I did. I now have a bank account which I can't communicate with when I am outside Russia.

thanks for replying. I went again in August 2017 but could not speak to the English speaking bank officer. So I could see that my account existed, and that was all I did.

From where you are ?

I am in Japan. Near Tokyo, north about 1 hour by train