Homeschooling in Russia

Hello everyone,

Homeschooling your children as an expat in Russia will definitely come with its load of challenges. Here is a special call to parents who are already homeschooling their children or who plan on doing so to share any information they might have.

Should you opt for homeschooling, is it legal in Russia ? Do you require to register your child or do you need any kind of permission / exemption from the authorities ?  If it is not legal, what alternative option/s do you have ?

How do you go about getting all the necessary educational resources (books, syllabus, notes etc…) to pursue your children's education in Russia ? Does it depend on the curriculum ?

What do you add in your homeschooling techniques to help educate your child that might not be offered or available in traditional schooling ?

How do you socialise homeschooled children in Russia by providing them opportunities to interact with other children ?

If you have any interest in homeschooling, could you please share your views on the pros and cons ?

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Dear Bhavna,

You raised a very important issue as I am planning to bring my family to Russia and in a city where there are no English medium schools. I am keen to know about the following issues, if anyone can describe:

1. Is it legal to allow kids to not enroll in any school and rather study at home using home-school methods while in Russia?
2. Whats are the available English-medium home schooling options in Russia and their costs?
3. Is it obligatory for Russian government schools to enroll students of expats? I heard from someone that they may refuse admission on grounds that the kid has zero Russian language skills.


As far as I understand it, every child must be registered with a regular or verified private school in Russia.  This does not mean they have to attend all lessons and some individual private lessons can be arranged.

Thanks Vanya for your much sought after reply. Just want to know whether it is feasible for a student who did his last 6th grades in India and sit in a pure Russian school in the 7th grade. Is it possible for the student to overcome this language issue in the study, as I assume all subjects will be taught in Russian.

You see, I live in Novosibirsk, and I think perhaps in Moscow you could find a regular or specialist English school.  But you would have to ask people in Moscow.  I know of one girl who came to Novosibirsk from USA at the age of 11 and learnt in a regular school in Russian.  She just paid for support in Russian language.  After six months, she was able to learn normally.

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