I want to learn Russian language

I want to learn Russian language, Is there any one who would like to teach me online, I am from India (English UK)
can mail me on shrikant1980@gmail.com

Welcome to the forum shrikant1980 :)

You can also post an advert on Russian Classifieds Page, Category>Classes.

This might help you as well :)


I think the most effective way of to learn Russia is to come to Russia and study in Russia. I knew couple of students here who have studied on line and in their countries for 2 years but they seems like they don't learn much. When you're here, you can always practice what you've learn and no English in the class.  Teachers talk to you in Russian only. Very effective! I am learning Russian too for just 5 months at the University and I can now somehow communicate in basic only. :) Good luck!

Just find a mate an talk to him/she and this is it. I haven't ever heard about russian language courses in russia :o

Привет! Меня зовут Василий. Я русский. ищу партёра для изучения английского языка. пишите мне, мой скайп: wasilews5

Hi! My name is Vasiliy. I'm Russian. Seeking a partner for learning English. write to me, my skype: wasilews5

Hello naglezh!

Could you please write in English on this Anglophone forum so that other members may understand and participate?

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So if you want to learn russian i can help you may call me to skype Icejasper1

@Icanteachrussian- you could introduce yourself?

i wanna learn rusia language too :)

A good source of Skype teachers and language exchange partners is italki.com. I have visited many Russian language websites in my quest to learn Russian. My favorite is - russianforfree.com because they present you with succinct grammar tables that are VERY useful.

here is native speakers with skype for practice Russian - http://goo.gl/PhQA9

shrikant1980 wrote:

I want to learn Russian language, Is there any one who would like to teach me online, I am from India (English UK)
can mail me on shrikant1980@gmail.com

Actually Russian is not difficult to study. I have studied Russian with several teachers. I could advise you native teacher from Ukraine. His name is Denis, skype d.kondrat

One guy from Ukraine really helped me in Russian. His Skype ID is d.kondrat

Hm, strange, my post just disappeared. Anyway, I can gladly help enyone who wants to learn Russian language. I'm a Russian teacher and give lessons via skype. I'm from Ukraine and curently doing my PhD.
I also have some good materials and podcasts, so would gladly share it with you.

My skype: alina.vrai

My name is Alice. I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for over 12 years. I started teaching Russian to foreign students at the University in which I graduated. I like helping students with Russian because I am fascinated with the progress that students display in every aspect of the language including writing.  Due to the fact that my students are located around the world, I have started to teach Russian via Skype. Besides Russian, I teach Ukrainian as a foreign language as well. If you want, I can help you to improve your Russian or Ukrainian. Please, do not hesitate to contact me. My Skype is amazonkaan
Hope to hearing from you soon.

Hi there. My name is shakeer., living in sri lanka. I would like to learn russian language and russian culture. Will u help me? :)

My name is Andrey and I'm learning English.
I can help you with Russian as you help me with English.
we're just going to talk about different topics.
At the moment, my spoken English is terrible.
Some information about me:
My SkypeID is: zapax010
My Email is: 2222222222333335@mail.ru
Country: Russia, Tumen
Native language: Russian

Looking for someone with native English.

Best way, No doubt, Come to Russia.

Struggle for a little bit, but in a few months, maybe even a year, youre good too go :D

ForeverLost wrote:

Best way, No doubt, Come to Russia.

Struggle for a little bit, but in a few months, maybe even a year, youre good too go :D

i m at yaroslav city and i will come to moscow wednesday..
where s the expat party////

listen i am already here in moscow, am learning from a software call it rosetta stone search for it on wikipedia, it have a very description about this software but you have to download from internet.



I am living in the centre of moscow.I am not russian.
I am here for my job.I live with my family.But approximatly I will be here alone for 1 or 2 months.
I am looking for male students who can stay with me in order to improve my english.Accomadation will be free of charge.Main thing is the student must be native  english speaking person.

You can contact me  by email eren813466@hotmail.com

Hi hero77,

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I suggest you to post an advert in the Russia classifieds, Community section, this might be helpful.

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Hi! If you want ti study russian I can help you with pleasure ;)

hi , nice to meet you. Can we mit up and discuss about your cost to teach russian language? Thanks by the way please kindly call me* Thanks

have you a SKYPE? )

yes i have. skype id is rajkumar.thapa60 please add me

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Hi Mam
I am Deepak Jha from India. I want to learn Russian can you help me as you are doing ur PhD. Kindly do the needful

kindly help me in teaching Russian

My name is Oksana. I can teach Russian language. How much you shall pay me? Waiting for your answer.

I know russian and who want to know russian language, message me ira.gyseva96@mail.ru or my skype - temarul1 . I will help you with pleasure. (i don't need your money);)

My name is Oksana. I can teach Russian language for 1 USA Dollars for 1 hour. I understand English language. I travelled in India. I worked with Indian people.

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My name is Natalia. I can teach you Russian. For extra information spiritsa@mail.ru

Still valid the offer ?

Why would you like to learn Russian?

Hi. I'm looking for an English native speaker to enhance my English pronunciation and vocabulary. In my return, I could help the partner with the Russian difficulties as much as I can. Feel free to answer my offer: super386[at]ya.ru