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The Working Holiday Visa for Russia

Although not yet well known, the Working Holiday (WHV) program in Russia was signed in 2009. It came into force in 2011, allowing ...

Banking in Russia

If you have decided to settle in Russia, you will probably want to open a bank account, particularly if you are working there ...

The healthcare system in Russia

Russia is known to have a two-tier healthcare system. There is a huge gap between those who can access to private healthcare ...

Finding work in Russia

Russia's prosperous economy has been attracting foreigners from across the globe over the years. In fact, young professionals ...

Study in Tomsk

Tomsk is a perfect choice for students with a tight budget and who long for a 100% Siberian experience! The city appears in the ...

Study in Novosibirsk

The third largest city in Russia and economic heart of Siberia, Novosibirsk is a rapidly developing city full of employment ...

Study in Saint Petersburg

Renamed successively Petrograd, Leningrad, and finally, Saint Petersburg, the city of Peter the Great was Russia's capital city ...

Study in Moscow

Russia's capital city has always conjured up some kind of mysterious fascination amongst foreigners. Despite all the ...

Become a digital nomad in Russia

If one had to think of a country least associated with the lifestyle of the location-free, it would probably be Russia. With the ...

Moving with your pet to Russia

Are you planning to settle in Russia? But what about your pet? According to existing Russian regulations, you are authorised to ...

The Russian lifestyle

Russia has an international reputation which originates from the Soviet era. Due to modernisation, following the end of the USSR ...

Leisure activities in Moscow

Moscow, the Russian capital city, is world famous for its cultural and historical legacy. So, if you are moving there, you are ...

Phones and internet in Russia

Nowadays, telecommunications is an essential part of everyday life. You will likely want to keep in touch with your friends and ...

Relocating to Russia

The majority of flats in Russia are rented out fully furnished, but if you decide to relocate to

How to drive in Russia

Driving in Russia is considered to be a real challenge. But skilled drivers can still manage, provided they have a valid ...

About Russia


Russia's population amounted to approximately 146,500,000 inhabitants in 2016. The country's official language is Russian ; however, other dialects are spoken in different regions.


The country's currency is the Russian Ruble.

Russia is the world's 12th economic power. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stood at 1,283 billion US dollars in 2016. In fact, the country has rapidly swept through the globalization process and takes part in major world summits, such as the G8, as one of the world's most powerful economies. It has thus been attracting foreign workers, students as well as investors due to the numerous opportunities it offers at different levels.

Good to know:

Russia is a member of the United Nations Security Council, the Council of Europe, the G20, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Eurasian Economic Community, World Trade Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as well as of the Commonwealth of Independent States.


The year 1993 has been marked by the adoption of the Russian Constitution. Russia hence became a Federation in addtion to a Republic. The country is governed by a President, who is also the head of the State. The latter is elected by universal suffrage for a 6 years mandate. The actual President of the Russian Federation is Vladimir Putin.


When thinking about Russia, snow is the first thing which comes to our mind. Indeed, several regions have long snowy winters but the entire country is not covered by snow all year long; the climate varies from one region to another as the country spans two continents. There is a continental type climate from East to West, a more temperate climate on the Black Sea coast, and a cold to polar climate in the North and in Northern Siberia.

Russia is a country of extremes, therefore it has only two main seasons, summer and winter. Autumn and Spring are so short that they often go unnoticed. Russian autumn is quite similar to that of Canada, with fresh and warm colors, particularly in forest regions. Winter in Moscow and St. Petersburg is very humid and rainy. The short spring is marked by the melting of meters of snow accumulated during the winter which leaves large and deep muddy puddles everywhere.


The main Russian holidays are: New Year (January 1st ), Orthodox Christmas (January 7th), the Motherland Defender (February 23rd), International Women's Day (March 8th), Spring and Labor Day (May 1st), the Great Patriotic War Victory Day (May 9th), Russia Day (June 12th) and National Unity Day (November 4th).

Major airports

Most major cities have their own airport. The country's main international airports are Domodedovo International Airport and Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg and Koltsovo Airport in Ekaterinburg.

Quick Information

Capital : Moscow
Official Languages : Russian , Tatar , Caucasian languages , Circassian , Komi , Chechen , Chuvash , Buryat , Mari , Bashkir , Avar
Currency : Ruble
Area : 17100000 Km2
Population : 140702000
Calling Code : +7

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