How do you send cash from Russia To UK in 2024.

I have a problem, I can't pay for my renewed British passport. I have one option to make a cash transfer using Unicredit  Bank. That will cost me an additional minimum fee of $200. Is there an alternative?


Hello John, I don't know about transfering money from Russia to UK but I know that, to transfer money from Europe to Russia, you can use profee or koronopay sites. Maybe they can do also what you need (that is to say the reverse) ?

Hi everybody

I would appreciate some advices

I need to transfer around 140k € from Europe to Russia

How to do that simple thing?????

Thx in advance


Yes, I am aware of profee, and asked them. True you can send money individual card to individual card (not company fro UK to Russia. But you can't sign in from Russia to send to UK. They sat the algorithm will see you are from Russia. You can't send to a company and I assume a government authority card, just person to person. Looking at the other one, Russia is not on their list. Also you must use a bank that's not sanctioned. I don't have a problem with that. Unicredit bank is not sanctioned.


For bank transactions, try Unicredit Bank international. The receiver  in Russia is best to have an account with them, as it won't work to a sanctioned bank.  Try profee card to card, but I don't know what the limit is, they are very helpful in answering questions, unlike most financial institutions. Always check what it's going to cost you.


Profee maximum is 12,880 GBP

Bank transactions are impossible from France

Do you know a country from where bank transactions are possible?

About cash money, do you know :

If I come with let's say 100k € (I know that sounds crazy... But do I have other choice) at the border between Narva to Russia for instance, what will happen? Will it work out if I have the documents related to the money?

If yes, which documents exactly?

Do you know people who did that ?

I'm trying to figure out how to put my money in Russia.... In a less costly way



Search wire transfers France to Russia. I am not qualified as a financial advisor, and have not experienced such a large amount (My maximum 15,000 GBP). so take this as a disclaimer. You will also need a bank account in Russia that receives the money such as Unicredit bank. It is possible there is a Unicredit bank in France. You can find out on their  website.

Yes Unicredit bank is in France … rance.html


You can take cash to Russia, and anything over $10,000 you must declare it. In my personal experience before receiving amount over $10,000 I receive a tax form from my bank asking who I am responsible to pay taxes, and whether I am responsible to pay taxes to the USA for example. search example.


Putin didn't take recently UniCredit funds in response to the frozen assets in Europe? … g&s=19


May I ask u what was the amount you withdrew and traveled with?

I wanna know.of it's possible to travel with big money in cash (aside the safety concern)

Thx for.all ur answers

I have never experienced taking such large amounts of cash to Russia., and have never traveled outside Russia for 18 years. What I have experienced is that if you receive cash or take cash to receive cash over 10,000 dollars you will need to declare it. The link I gave you  seems to explain it well. You declare it so you can take this cash back out of the country. If you don't there are restrictions on what you take out of Russia. I would seek legal advice to make sure, or make more searches in a search engine. Check the link I gave you. I have received over 10,000 dollars in my bank account, no problem, just a simple form to fill in. With  Unicredit bank the language is English and Russian making it easy. Of course I would live to see another poster verifying what I say.


Yes, I read the news, and that's correct. No response from Unicredit bank though, and my account is still fuctionig. O hope it stays that way or I am in deep trouble. I have just fought hard to get my British pension back due to refusal of cash transfers with Citibank, and I don't want anything else happening to put me back in poverty.


Is this youtube link helpful? How to send cash to Russia

if not, it might be worth searching more into youtube for other people with similar experience.


Man, thank you!!! Of course you are helping a lot

I will be checking the link


Beer on me when I come to Russia


Could u please update me if ever there is any trouble with your UniCredit bank account?

Did you open a UniCredit bank account outside Russia as well or only in Russia? If not, what's is your bank outside Russia (in UK I guess)?



When u write: you received more than 10k on your Russian bank account

Could u please tell me all the process? How, when and from where was it sent? What was the amount and the fees?

Thank you