Accommodation in Novosibirsk

Accommodation in Novosibirsk
Updated 2017-09-19 06:44

Novosibirsk is Russia's third biggest city and a major industrial hub. Due to its economic dynamism, it offers various opportunities at all levels. If you have decided to settle and work there, finding accommodation will be one of your priorities, and it should not be difficult if you have a knowledge of Russian. Otherwise, you could hire a translator, or ask a bilingual Russian to assist you in related procedures.


Before moving to Novosibirsk, you are advised to inquire about its different neighbourhoods. The city centre remains the most popular neighbourhood with foreigners, notably due to modern housing units which are available there. Rent prices are quite similar in downtown Novosibirsk to the city outskirts.

Krasny, Vokzalnaya Magistral, Ovetskaya, Revolucii, Uritskogo, Oktybrskaya, Kommunisticheskaya, Chapligina, Gogolya and Lenina, etc., are other peaceful residential neighbourhoods. Remember to choose an apartment which is near to public services and facilities such as transports. You will enjoy being close to them in winter when reducing your walking time outside will become a priority.

Searching for accommodation

Some foreigners in Russia choose to register with a real estate agent to facilitate their accommodation search, especially due to the language barrier. However, beware of self-made real estate agents who show very little professionalism and an inadequate knowledge of the market. Entrusting related formalities to real estate agents may not always be the safest option and certainly not the cheapest.

Many Russian owners also prefer to rent their property through a self-made real estate agent who is as foreign to them as you are. Owners are often just as deceived and disappointed by real estate agents as tenants. If you are unfamiliar with real estate in Russia, the best option remains to seek the assistance of your friends or contacts if you have any in Novosibirsk.

Rent prices

Novosibirsk's rental market allows you to rent a 35m2 apartment for RR 10,000 in the city's outskirts. In downtown, you are likely to pay RR 15,000 for the same type of apartment.

In the city centre, a standard apartment will cost between RR 20,000 to 25,000. To rent a penthouse, you will need between RR 30,000 and 35,000.

Lease terms

Regarding the lease, you will have to produce your passport and your visa. You can agree with the landlord to register at this new address but you can also keep your former registration, whether it be at your work place or at a friend's place. Not all landlords agree to register their tenants so as to avoid paying taxes to the authorities. If this point is important for you, you are advised to discuss it before signing the contract, even though most landlords are likely to ask you about it as soon as they know that you are a foreigner.

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