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Finding work in St Petersburg
 St Petersburg he Northern capital, as Russians call it, and Moscow's eternal competitor for cultural and economical influence, has been attracting foreigners from all around the world for decades. To date, the Federal Immigration Service has registered some 16,920,805 foreigners in this city. In fact, St Petersburg offers various opportunities to young graduates and professionals trying to find a job there.
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Working in Moscow can be lucrative, so I've heard anyway.  However, heed the following warnings:
Finding work in Russia
Russia's prosperous economy has been attracting foreigners from across the globe over the years. In fact, young professionals worldwide dream of working or setting up a business there so as to benefit from its economic growth along with various incentives which have been set up by local authorities. Various opportunities are available in different fields such as information and communication technology, construction, engineering, industry, consumer products. High profile jobs are also available for highly qualified professionals.
Setting up a business in Russia
The fall of the Soviet Union marked a historic turning point for Russia, especially in economic terms. From a planned, state controlled economy, Russia became a free market economy and opened its doors to foreign capital, businesses, and workers. Local authorities have set up a series of regulations so as to encourage foreign investment in the country, as well as the creation of large, medium, and small enterprises.
Internships in Russia
Students from across the globe dream of performing an internship abroad. Russia is obviously one of these countries due to its developed economy and the various opportunities which are available there. However, it can be quite difficult for foreigners to obtain an internship offer in the country.
Become a digital nomad in Russia
If one had to think of a country least associated with the lifestyle of the location-free, it would probably be Russia. With the popularised stereotypes of dreadful winters, bear sightings, and vodka-infused extravagant parties, the old Russia of rumours may not seem like a great place to visit. The modern Russia of today, however, is quite a fascinating destination to explore — but you will need to pack a coat.
Job candidates in Russia
Human Resources
Fixed-term contract
Added on 08/06/2024
Construction forman
Faisal shahzad
Fixed-term contract
Vyatskiye Polyany
Added on 06/06/2024
USD 200
Fixed-term contract
Added on 05/06/2024
English teacher
Musa Sanusi Kangiwa
Temporary work
Added on 02/06/2024
USD 500
Accounting Accounts Payable
Permanent contract
Added on 22/05/2024
USD 3000
Saint Petersburg
Added on 12/05/2024
Added on 16/04/2024
Added on 30/03/2024
USD 900
English speaker for consulting.
Robert O'Leary
Permanent contract
Added on 17/03/2024
Medical internship
Permanent contract
Ryazan Oblast
Added on 15/03/2024
USD 1000
French and English Tutor
Lyne Savchenko
Fixed-term contract
Added on 14/03/2024
RUB 203000
Saint Petersburg
Added on 24/02/2024
EUR 400
Added on 24/02/2024
BHS Project Manager
Sameh Fayez George
Permanent contract
Added on 20/02/2024
EUR 5000
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