Work opportunities in Russia (south)

What are the work opportunities and prospects for foreigners interested in working a couple of years in Russia? I am looking to work in the South near the Black Sea area.

hi there,
i am looking for work not far from where you are looking?,i'm looking in voronezh about 200 km's south of moscow,between moscow and the black sea,about halfway between?.
i am a counterbalance forklift driver and i've met a lass from over there so looking for graft because i'm losing my flat and next year she'll have 3 apartments on the go.
if you get any proper leads into the work market over there,even miles away it'll be a lead in to the market,could you pass the details onto me at please?.
what are you after and exactly where and i'll keep my eyes out for that when i'm searching.i'm off work til 4/1/11 so plenty of time to look.
fingers crossed for you,

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