Seeking contract employment

My name is Michael and I am new to the forum. I am from Austrlaia and am looking for any contract employment.

I have 22 years experience in Local Government Administration providing Legislative advices to the Local Mayor and Councillors. I also have experience in drafting Contracts for Government Procurement opportunities.

Public Administration, Corporate Governance, Audit, Local Government, Change Management, Legislative Research and Advices, Procurement, Drafting Contracts, File Costing in a Legal Office.
Australian Qualified Trainer

Bachelor Administrative Leadership-Double Major in Corporate Governance and Public Administration.
Diploma of Local Government Administration.
Diploma of Procurement and Supply Management.
Diploma of Front-Line Management.
CertIV in Training and Assessment.

If anyone could assist me in finding a contract position in Russia or Asia it would be most appreciative.

Look online. Try

Hello MickyC,

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I could lead you to some jobs sections on expat-blog or even  move your post on the right forum for more response but unfortunately it won't be possible till you decide in which country you would like those information :/.

So I hope you will be better orientated soon :happy:


Hi Melissa and thanks for responding. My first preference is Russia. If you could direct me down that path I would very much appreciate it.
Congratulation on your blog here, it is very informative and provides a wealth of information.


Hi MickyC, and welcome aboard !

I've moved your post to the Russia forum, please do not hesitate to post in the Jobs in Russia section too

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Hi Julien and Thank you.

Hi Micky

Nice to meet you

I'd recommend you to look at - it is the best resource to find a decent job, especially in Moscow. But it is in Russian, so you should know at least elementary level of Russian

Artem (friendlyman)

Hi friendlyman,

Please note that this thread is quite old, and it might no more be active.

Should you have any information about the procedures to find job in Russia, feel free to create a new post with these information in the Russia forum, this might surely help other members.



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