Russian jobs for expats

I'm a Polish American looking to move to Russia and possibly start a business.. I work 2 jobs. One is at Fedex and the other is a personal trainer. I am in the process of learning Russian and saving money but I didn't know what the market was like for trainer jobs or if there were any recruiting agencies that would help with those fields. I also saw that Russia can be good for starting a business but I was hoping to get some feedback from someone that has experience with these things. Thanks, Tyler.

Please contact me if you want an assistant.

that would be good, but I need a job first.

I'm also looking for one

alright il let u know when I can get all the visa paperwork in order.. unfortunately it might take some time to obtain

Thanks, looking towards it.

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Check out jobs in menu. A family in Moscow is seeking for a native English speaking governor for their children. Salary is 1000-1200 £ per week

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Thanks for the information.