Work in Russia

Hi I am from New Zealand.

My ex-wife and 3 year old son live near Napa.

She told me to move to Russia if I want to see my son so my question is do you think I will be able to find work if I am unable to speak Russian?

I normally work as a welder but am currently working in sales.

Thanks for reading.

@KarloNZ in my experience i would say no you wont be able to find jobe at least it wont be easy

Try to leave your message it just got wiped when I logged in try the expats channel on telegram this is lots of useful and helpful advice on there

@tony koberssy

Thanks, I guessed it would be extremely difficult.

The ex-wife is trying to make it sound easy.

@KarloNZ Napa ? Where it is ?...

As I know it's easy to find job in Russia around cities like Moscaw or Petersburg, not the same salary than in New Zealand but cost of life is lower.

But it's necessary to learn Russian.

The answer to your question is YES. Provided you or your family member will have to visit the big cities like Moscow and search for the hotels, cafeterias and bars, who prefer an English speaking staff now a days.

Apart from that, you should start learning a few Russian sentences online as there are many applications available on the google store and ios.

Good Luck

@Md Saffu thanks for the advice