TEFL qualified English teach looking for work in Novosibirsk Russia.

My name is Roydon Frost,I am a TEFL English teacher looking for work in Novosibirsk Russia or surrounding areas,I am desperately seeking a English or Business English job in Novosibirsk or surrounding areas within Russia.I am available immediately and I have accommodation in Novosibirsk as well. If you have any work for me please message me here or send me a email to frostroydon@gmail.com.
Roydon Frost

Hi my name is Marie, They have lots of jobs in Russia for teachers.
Do a google search for teaching jobs in Russia are news paper's in Russia.
And so much will come up.

Good luck

Thank you for your assistance I am actually looking for teaching work in Novosibirsk but I will take your advice.

Just do the same search and add Novosibirsk Russia.

will do thank you.


     I have a line on a job for you teaching online. Send me a PM if interested.