Leisure activities in Moscow

Leisure activities in Moscow
Updated 2017-09-19 06:47

Moscow, the Russian capital city, is world famous for its cultural and historical legacy. So, if you are moving there, you are likely to discover and explore different aspects of this rich heritage through various activities.  Moscow not only hosts many places of interest but also offers a range of leisure activities.

Like in most big European cities, sports lovers can also enjoy the city's modern sports infrastructure, as well as many other facilities, such as registering with a sports club or a gym.

Culture in Russia

You can be sure that by choosing to relocate to Moscow you will never be bored. The city has dozens of new exhibitions opening every week, over 274 historical, scientific, memorial, technical and art museums to choose from, 170 theatres to go to and festivals every month.

Many festivals take place all year long; in summer you can watch dozens of professional folkloric dancers and singers competing on the stage of Tsaritsino park or even attend the yearly festival of Spasskaya Bashnya on Red Square, which gathers several military groups from various countries who come to show their national dance and traditional music. Every year the city's main ring road is closed to let thousands of cyclists cycle through the city. To mark the end of winter, you can take part in the week long Maslenitsa festival during which Russians feast on pancakes and sing and dance in the city's parks and burn a giant effigy. Moscow Day, Russia Day, New Year's Eve, Victory Day as well as the many food and souvenir markets organised all year long are just many more occasions for you to enjoy Russian culture.

On top of these events, you can attend the Bolshoi Theatre which regularly hosts ballet shows, as well as operas, etc.. Muscovites are huge fans of theatre, and a lot of them attend operas, ballets and plays on a monthly basis. Moscow is definitely a city that will satisfy your appetite for culture and desire for knowledge in a peaceful and serene environment.


Moscow has modern and developed sports infrastructures and related facilities for all ages. Whether you like water sports, contact sports, self-defense, or athletics, you are likely to find all that you need there. You will also find outdoors gyms in parks where you can exercise and enjoy a family picnic.

Russia's national sport is ice hockey, and if not everyone is a professional ice hockey player, almost everyone possesses a pair of skates from their early age. In winter, all districts turn their basketball courts, ponds and lakes into free ice rinks and the biggest parks install some of Europe's largest outdoor ice rinks. However, note that the entrance is not free. The biggest outdoor ice rink in Europe and Russia is located in VDNKh and covers 60,000 square metres.

Kids activities in Russia

Gorky Park, which is found along the Moskva River, is yet another famous place of interest, especially for kids. There you can rent bikes on which one to five people can ride simultaneously, little boats on the ponds, segways, etc.. Chudo-Grad and Luna Park are the city's most popular amusement parks. Children can also stroll around various green spaces and playgrounds.

When winter comes, ice skating takes over. Specific ice rink corners are organised for young children to ensure their safety and separate them from faster skaters.

Brain games

Russian sports' history has been marked by Gary Kasparov, a chess champion who started the chess movement in the country. Chess is still very much alive and present thanks to several chess clubs which are accessible around Moscow. You can not only register with these clubs but also take part in chess competitions which are regularly held in parks in summer. As for chess fans, they can attend local and national tournaments which are regularly held in Elista, in the Kalmykia region.

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