Flights from Philippines to Russia

I would like to know which European country is near Russia? and if so is there a direct flight from Philippines to that European country? If so what is the name of the airlines.?

A map will show you what countries are near Russia.

If you want to go to Russia, why not just fly to Russia directly?


So whats the name of airlines from phils to russia? id love to go direct but just to be sure im not arriving in an unknown island i will use the europe way. accdg to my map its norway, finland and sweden is that correct or something nearer?


Hello, what about Emirates ? … to-russia/

It seems they have flights from Manila to Russia

Travel agencies are useful for those not accustomed to planning their travel.


Been thinking of getting help from a European local for visa and plane ticket via face to face meetup in metro manila area it could be cheaper and they could suggest a better and shorter route i think europe to russia trip