Planning to Stay with my Russian fiancé' in Perm, Russia

I don't want to sound like the same question over and over...but I think the information is needing an update for 2024. I am currently planning to go to Russia and stay with my girl and from there we will decide the permanent goals for our home. She is an attorney and must stay there until her contract ends and so would like to know is a thing that a multiple entry visa would be a good fit for? Katya says the private visa is actually less beneficial for staying for longer periods in Russia, since you can get multiple entries as a tourist, but I will try to formulate my question hoping the background info gives context...I am an American from Texas, and wanting to travel to Perm, Russia. I wan to stay with the love of my life...that is the honest reason, but it seems that tourist visas, in fact most of the visas I read about seem to demand that there be a schedule of things being done and an itinerary. Perm is in the center of Russia, and the only direct flights that I see are either Moscow or St Pete's, so this would mean I will need to take a train from Moscow....but I have heard the trains are also stopped, or is it only  from outside Russia? Do any of you folks know what the best course of action for getting to Perm would be? And should I be worried about the possibility of the train causing my arrival to be late and then find issues as a result ?