Moving from Australia to Russia and I need help.

Hi expatters ))
My name is Dave from Sydney. I am moving to Russia for about 6-12 months and I'm wondering on how to go about it. I have extensive Sales and management training, I've also taught English in Europe.
I don't know the best way to go about applying for work and visas and what order to do things in.
Can anyone please help me by giving me some directions about where to start?
I've read that teaching English is always a safe option.
Thanks for reading)))

Hi Dave!  Teaching English is indeed a safe bet.
The easiest way to get a visa, be employed, etc. is to apply to a Language school.  There are LOADS in Moscow alone, and they're always looking for new teachers.

That's very reassuring news:)
Thanks all)))

Dave, why are you coming to Russia from a beautiful city like Sydney? My sister has just secured her Australian citizenship and is desparate to go to Sysney. Joy

most wellcome to russia i am living here since 17 years in moscow city i am working here as chef cook,for ur kind information moscow city russia is very expensive city apartments,rooms,food very expensive,to live here need a good job minimum 2or3 usd$ have to earn to survive i am russian citizen(origin pakistani) to come here need to get work permit visa if u want to work ,i saw some ad about english teaching language schools but u ve to know russian language too.if u need any help more u can write me

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Dear Shehzad brother, Assalamualykum, I am from Bangladesh want to know following things please give me answer.
1) I want to come to Russia with my family (my wife and son 4 years old) from Bangladesh with visit visa. Before expire visa can I get resident permit for stay longer in Russia?

Kind regards
Omar Sharif

Hi Omar Sharif,

Just to inform you that this is an old thread and the member to whom you are referring to has not connected since long.

Please interact on more recent threads so that someone might shed the light on your queries.

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How do I move from Australia to russia pls help?

Hi Yakovats123,

First, contact the Russian Embassy : then, read the Russia Guide : Living in Russia guide, you will find some useful information.

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