Teaching appointment

Anybody with good information on how to get a teaching appointment in Russia as an expat should be kind to contact me.

It's a big topic, and worthwhile to discuss here, as it would interest many potential expats coming to Russia. First of all, what kind of teacher are you talking about?

Whatever, it's important you can find and contact those institutions that are well established and can offer you a fulltime salary, accommodation, visa support,work permit, and can interview you  and offer you a contract before you arrive in Russia. If you simply arrive in Russia with just a tourist visa, you will have no chance getting anywhere.

My friend in Moscow every week visits some cafe or square. There are several people and they all meeting for practice in english, it's for free and very kind atmosphere. Every expats should join i think, this will give you extra experience and knowledges. I think you can get great support there. If you need i can ask my friend about it, by the way he is Russian and he is very kind, he will be happy to help.