Easiest way of learning Russian

Can I learn Russian is 30 days? Is there any easiest way of learning Russian?

No way . I think minimum to talk in Russian 6 months .

mushina wrote:

No way . I think minimum to talk in Russian 6 months .

Thanks for your replay. If I can manage to talk with a native Russian speaker about 2-3 hours in a day. Can I manage it within 3 months?

Good day, unfortunately it is not possible if you want elementary level to understand at least smth and speak a little bit.
The minimum period is 6 months with study classes 4 times per week with duration minimum 3 hours per day.
Best regards, Anfisa

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Russian language seems not that easy to learn just like other European languages. But with practice and application, anyone could also master it like the locals.

It is my experience with Russian (knowing only west-European languages) is that it is heavily structured by grammar.  Far more so than German.  More in line with Latin, but with far more aspects.  It is great, though, because the many rules and strict logic make sense, in sharp contrast to English where there really are no meaningful rules that can be trusted.  I dare to say that Russian, because of this, is far more nuanced and precise than for instance English, so when you are used to getting away with sloppiness in English,  Russian will catch you at the "Me Tarzan - you Jane" level where effective communication is not possible, except about simple things.  Getting over that is tough, but once you truly understand the systems of the language, you get smooth sailing, because you then can predict the meaning of structures you have not seen before - which means much faster learning at the advanced levels!  But for lazy code monkeys that prefer simplified computer-English, it is hell on Earth...

Before talking to native speakers you should try some online learning sources. For example 3ears, my Russian friend recommended it to me. Have you guys ever heard about it? Did you like it? What other sources do you know?

I don't think that you can learn in it 30 days. But I know some good ways to learn it quick. You can check this website - 3ears.com. It was very helpful for me to use it

pasiba dear.

I'm trying with duolingo...I would say it is impossible in 30 days...maybe 30 months. The first challenge is learning Cyrillic.