I want to learn Russian language

Send me your skype account if you would like

Hi, Osmanic.acid.

These are my contacts: Skype: istrekalovsky, E-mail: [email protected]

If you would like to learn the russian language you also have to learn the russian keyboard so you can type in russian. Typing the russian language helped me a lot to improve my russian language skills. If you only have a english keyboard, you can use a online russian keyboard. With these you can type with your normal one and they will transform the english letters in the cyrill ones. They don't translate your language! ;)

Hi I really want to learn Russian language just simply phrases and to make me to communicate of my cousin living there . But it is hard to me to understand the letter that needed to use to talk with them.

Hello!, I'm Svetlana. I'm a teacher of Russian. I can recommend you some free video lessons on [moderated: no ads pls] or learning vis skype.

Hi. You can learn russian with watching russian movies with subtitles. It is very interesing and useful. Download for free. Here are the links:


This is subtitles for movies:

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My name is Oksana. I know Russian, English language. i can teach Russian language by Internet, if you will pay me.

Hello oksanaviktorovna,

Thank you to post your ad in the Language classes in Russia section which is appropriate for.



I suggest google search russian language, there are plenty of free tutorials with audio around, especially the Russian english alphabet.

Problem is that videos are ok to improve your Russian fluency, but not for beginners.

Helo dear friends.
We created a great project for those who want to learn Russian as a foreign language.
Here russianasl.com you can find a lot of useful information and learn Russian grammr and Russian vocabulary.
Please enjoy it and tell your friends!!

helllo I'm french and I want to learn Russian language

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Hey guys, I am a Russian native speaker. I am looking for German speakers interested in Russian-German exchange classes (live meeting in Moscow or Skype). Please pm me! I speak English too of course :)

@ DariaKrasnikova > Please feel free to post an ad in the Language Exchange in Russia section as well. It might help.

Thank you

Priscilla  :cheers:

Whether you are new to the Russian language or feel that you need to brush up on your grammar (cases are not easy, we understand!) while in Saint Petersburg, Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages has a fitting course for you! Visit our website for more information on the courses we can offer you during your stay here: lidenz.ru

Hi everybody who wants to study Russian language! notice that you can also study in Belarus, as all the people speak Russian language here and prices are much lower. I know Leader Educational Center, they have good feedbacks from students on Facebook, check the group and good luck!

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My name is Oksana. I know Russian language. I can help in study Russian language.

Hello Oksana

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Listen-russian.com - site where you can learn Russian. Without registration and without advertising.

Hi. I'm fluent in both, Russian and English. I've lived most of my life in the US, and now I'm teaching English language in Russia. ****

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