Money transfers from Russia to the UK

Hi All, I am not actually living in Russia so I hope this is allowed, but I figure you are the best group to ask!   Have any of you transferred rubles from a Russian bank to pounds at a British bank?  Or perhaps you have done this to another country?

My wife is Russian and her mum wants to send money from a Russian bank to my wife's UK bank, and we are worried about capital controls.  The laws seem to be vague, and the penalties are severe.  Furthermore, the usual channels for international money transfer (e.g. transferwise) don't seem to be available.  Any advice would be much appreciated!

I have a Russian Bank with a USD account which I transfer money to my daughters GBP account no problem.
They ask for the IBAN number and Swift code and reason for transferring which I normally put gift.

Hope this helps

I was just wondering why Wise (former transferwise) is not a solution? I used it several times to send rubles to the TW account,  and it worked ok.

Send me my bank account it will be tension less