Payment methods in Russia

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Once you're settled in Russia, you will need to make some basic purchases, like groceries or pay bills. Hence, it is essential to know the payment methods available in your host country.

Which are the most common payment methods in Russia? Why would you prefer some forms over others?

Does the amount of money or the type of paid services (groceries, bills, rent, etc.) determine the choice of payment methods?

Are there any apps at your disposal which make the payment process easier in Russia?

Can certain foreign currencies be used to make payments?

Have your habits in terms of payment methods changed since moving to Russia?

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I moved to the Russian city of Tyumen and was lucky to have friends that lent me some money.

I was having Indian currency (Rupee) and I was not sure how and where I could exchange it in the Siberian city of Tyumen. As for my first hand experience, the Russian Ruble in cash is the most accepted form of transaction at all stores and supermarkets. But the problem that comes is the change especially when one is buying from small grocery stores.

After a week, I was able to open a bank account and was given a debit card. This made my life extremely simple as now I was able to make payments without bothering for change. One thing to note is that the Russian banks do not issue credit cards to expats.

For any query, I will be more than happy to answer. By the way just curious to know if any Indian stays in Tyumen. Not found a single so far. :-)

With Love from Russia,