Accommodation in Omsk

Accommodation in Omsk
Updated 2017-09-19 06:44

Omsk is found near the Irtysh river, 2,716 km from Moscow. It is one of Russia's major cities with a population amounting to approximately 1,178,000 inhabitants. Stretching over 572,9 km2, Omsk is Western Ural's second biggest city, and Russia's eighth largest . Temperatures in Omsk can reach 40°C in summer and -45°C in winter.

Nonetheless, you are likely to enjoy your stay there due to the numerous opportunities it offers. Moreover, you should not have much trouble in finding accommodation there.

Omsk's real estate market has been experiencing a real boom before the 2014-2015 crisis, and hundreds of new housing units have sprouted up, from inside the city centre to residential neighbourhoods. However, today the market is flooded with all these newly inhabited buildings and prices have significantly dropped since 2016, so you should not find it difficult to move into a decent flat at an affordable price.

Omsk's ambition was to be one of the country's leaders regarding real estate through the construction of new housing units, as well as through the renovation of old ones.

Omsk's neighbourhoods

It is best to make inquiries about Omsk's different neighbourhoods before settling there. Like every city in Russia, Omsk is divided into separate 'okrug' (i.e. neighbourhoods). There are namely Leninsky, Tsentralny, Oktiabrsky, Sovietsky which are found on the Irtysh river's right bank, and Kirovsky, which is found on the left bank. Note that Leninsky is located at the south of the city centre while Oktiabrsky is found in the east.

Sovietsky, which is found in the north-west, has a population of 256,100 inhabitants and concentrates most higher education institutes and big industrial firms.

Searching for accommodation

Like in most Russian cities, it is best to register with a real estate agency to find accommodation in Omsk. In fact, most Russian owners prefer to turn to real estate agencies when it comes to let their property as the service is free of charge. However, tenants are required to pay agency fees which are equal to a month's rent.

But you can also check out housing offers on general and specialized real estate websites. However, you are less likely to find 'To rent' signs on vacant housing windows or balconies.

Rents prices in Omsk

Rent prices in Omsk generally vary from one neighbourhood to another and according to the housing unit's standing. Hence, you will need a maximum of 10,000 Russian roubles per month for a single bedroom apartment in the city centre. For the same type of housing unit in the city outskirts, you will need around 8,000 Russian roubles.

Moreover, you will need around 25,000 Russian roubles to rent a three bedroom apartment in the city centre and 19,500 Russian roubles for the same type of apartment in the outskirts.

Lease conditions

The lease document will be issued in Russian only. You are required to pay a deposit which is equal to either a month's or half a month's rent, as well another month's rent or sometimes a little less representing agency fees. Note that you will have to produce your passport and visa to be eligible to the lease.

Finally, you will have to pay charges such as electricity, water and telephone bills if you wish to use the house phone.

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