Appointment in the Portuguese Embassy

Hi, I have been trying to get an appointment in the Portuguese Embassy and it is impossible for the last 4 months they have not opined one single vacancy.

can anyone help ?


in the Portuguese embassy where?



I'm assuming in Morocco?

It's the same for the British embassy, Rabat is almost impossible to find an appointment in, Marrakesh is better.

MY ADVICE: check early every morning as they post cancellations, that's how I got mine

@Celia Nogueira

Hi Celia Morrocco

Can someone help me

please I really need an appointment in the pt embassy in morrocco for a work visa please

@aviator1 hi, hope your well, if u don't mind me asking, when did u get it and for what kind of visa ?

@inescoreiadasilva You are portuguese. So I can't understand what you mean.

If you mean that someone you know needs an appointment for a work visa for Portugal, it's here:

If you mean you want a work visa for Morocco, for yourself, your embassy is not concerned


Hi, thanks for your kind reply,

yes i am Portuguese, i am trying for my fiancé, and we know that link, we have been trying since January and nothing. Not one opining.


Hello Inescoreidasilva,

Where is the Portuguese embassy found ? In which town/region ?



@inescoreiadasilva the embassy won't do anything for you, as you have to go through this link. Just try very early in the morning.

I'm happy to see things are going better with your fiancé (unless you spoke about someone else)

@Bhavna Rabat and casa Blanca