Spouse Visa

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

Just wanted to see what the current experience with spousal visa's from Morocco is. Has anyone had biometrics in June/July and received their answer? Anyone have any updates on the waiting time? Officially it's still 6 months but I have noticed on other sites it seems to be getting shorter and currently averaging 5 months with some even getting answers in 4.5 months.

For Canada?

What sites have you found processing time 5 months on average?

@thuqbah1819 Hi, for the UK. There is a group on FB and they have a tracker. There's approximately 100 people I've seen who have had their answer in 5 months or slightly less.

@amonzur1 Hi mate , can you give me the Link for this group thanks ?

@josephE1 how are you progressing?