Discovering Sydney

Discovering Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 11:42

Every year, thousands of expats arrive in Sydney with their hopes and dreams for making the most of their skills and give the best to their families. Sydney is rich in not only beautiful landscapes, parks and beaches but also has a pleasant climate with mild winters and warm summers. Language is not a barrier at all, so expats find it easy to mingle with Australians. The beautiful sceneries, a multi-ethnic population and pleasant weather, makes it a favourite destination for expatriates.

Relocating to Sydney is an appealing choice for an increasing number of people around the globe. Many expats from South Africa, South-East Asia, and the UK, among others, prefer Sydney to other cities for various reasons. The city holds a wide range of opportunities for various profiles, especially foreign professionals and entrepreneurs.

Benefits of moving to Sydney

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most popular and dynamic cities in Australia with amazing natural sceneries, including islands, parks, beaches, pleasant weather, and a cosmopolitan population. Sydney is also world famous for its standard of living and quality of life, not to mention its quality education thanks to several international schools and prestigious universities. The academic side of the city represents a myriad of opportunities both for international students and skilled professionals. Expat families also prefer Sydney to many other big cities thanks to its academic level, not to mention its excellent healthcare system.

The climate

Sydney boasts a mild climate for the greater part of the year, yet the atmosphere can fluctuate at any time. Winters are generally cool. Summer comes in the first two months of the year while the following months are typically autumn, winter, and then spring.

Social life

It would certainly take some time to build a social circle and make new friends in Sydney. However, once you have enrolled in your university or have been hired by a firm, it should not be such a big deal after all. Aussies are kind, humble and openminded people and meeting them in bars, cafes or restaurants will certainly turn out to be fruitful. They are easy to get along with and are always ready to help expats with the core of their hearts.

Language is not a barrier for English-speaking expats in spite of the minor difference in accents, so you can easily get around, whether to ask your way or to socialise.

Culture in Sydney

Sydney additionally flaunts a flourishing artwork and cultural scene made up of fine art galleries and historical centres, theatres, and an excellent choice of eateries where you will get to discover the local cuisine. Moreover, there are many events and celebrations all year round, so are definitely not likely to get bored.

Nature in Sydney

Sydney is also rich in natural landscapes and beautiful beaches. Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Manly Cove, Middle Head and Bondi to Coogee Cliff Walk are some of the must-sees. It is really a city where you will get to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and pleasant atmosphere with incredible people.

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