Dining Out in Sydney

Food in Sydney
Updated 2022-10-27 08:45

Eating is more than a pastime in Australia, and you'll find a wide selection of restaurants, bars and pubs in virtually every city and community. Many of Australia's culinary specialists are world-renowned for their fusion cuisine, reflecting a blend of European culture and Asian spices. And the choice is not limited to Australian food in Sydney, as international cuisine is also available.

Local dishes you should try

Sydney's specialty is in the variety of meat. Expats who love meat will be delighted. Lamb roast is one of the most popular dishes in Australia. Meat pie is another tasty dish that expats will find in most restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries in Sydney. Australians also eat kangaroo meat.

“Chicken parmigiana" is a dish that is often found, even if it is not particularly Australian. You can find this cheese and tomato sauce delicacy in almost every pub in Sydney. Fish and chips is also common, and don't forget the chicken schnitzel, a favorite that they call "schnitty”.

Australians also enjoy a good barbecue. When it comes to desserts, Pavlova and lamington are Australian favorites. Sydneysiders also have a soft spot for "Anzac" cookies, usually eaten on Anzac day.

Sydney's most popular restaurants

Let's take a look at the popular restaurants in Sydney. Ester, which specializes in wood-fired cooking, is located in Chippendale, near Central Station. You should try it if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere.

Quay is a world-renowned restaurant known for its breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House. They offer a 6-course menu for $260 that won't disappoint. The seafood and meat dishes are fresh and delicious. Their variety of wines is unmatched.

As the name suggests, "Firedoor" serves food cooked over coals and specializes in seasonal cuisine. Located in Surry Hills, its setting is vintage with rustic decor. The 5-course Chef's menu costs $155 and the restaurant is known for its fabulous wine and friendly staff.

Restaurant Hubert is popular with the French and locals alike. This famous place looks like a French bistro and is known for its quality food, cozy atmosphere and helpful staff. The jazz band that plays here is the icing on the cake. This is one of Sydney's must-sees. The Australian love affair with food is no secret, and you'll find all types of cuisine to satisfy your cravings in Sydney. Explore the streets of the city and you will fall in love with its culinary wealth.

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