Accommodation in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 12:30

Sydney is one of the most beautiful yet seventh most expensive harbour cities when it comes to accommodation with regard to rent prices. Expats, tourists and students usually start their journey here with renting either shared or individual accommodation, depending on their budgets. 

Sydney is undoubtedly a city of different ethnicities and cultures. Hence, expatriates are delighted to live among so many optimistic and ambitious souls. Renting accommodation is a crucial issue in Sydney as like in any other city. In fact, rent prices are directly proportional to the area value. It is difficult monetarily to start with. However, once you start getting your paychecks, your funds will begin to pour into your pocket and then it will get easier to deduct forty per cent of your total pay for the rent. Make sure to research carefully before moving to Sydney, keeping in mind the average weekly rent.

Looking for accommodation

There are two options for renting, either through a real estate agent or on an ad hoc basis. The prices usually vary depending upon the suburb location, job opportunities available, convenience and last but not the least, one's budget. Overall accommodation is expensive in Sydney as the rents are paid weekly and not monthly.

Fair Trade is a government organization which monitors rents and helps everyone having issues with them. Your renting record is centrally maintained, and hence you are required to must cooperate with your landlord, else you can be blacklisted for your unsupportive behaviour. This condition is essential especially when you rent through an agency.

Expats here usually look for the more affordable accommodation options and hence they hunt themselves, without agents. In that case, both tenant and landlord prefer cash to save themselves from paying tax. There are no tenancy laws to be followed. However, this type of renting is not recommended as your rights might not be preserved.

Factors that count for rent price hikes are the availability of public transportation, schools, universities, job opportunities, and the suburbs. Many websites and newspapers can help you out if you are searching for accommodation within a certain budget, keeping in mind your preferences. Also, word of mouth is often fruitful as Australians are generous and supportive in general and help expats generously.

Good to know:

Most of the available accommodation options are not furnished, so you will need to keep a separate budget for purchasing things that are required.

The best places to rent

North Sydney is comparatively more expensive than any other pole as the area is acquired by wealthy families. Expats who are going to rent accommodation for the first time would eventually cut this area from their wish lists due to the high prices. Westside is an area that attracts expats from all over the world. It is particularly ideal for students due to its proximity with academic institutions.

The eastern part of Sydney is particularly popular with the younger generation and students. Most of them live in shared accommodation, which eventually helps them cut the cost of rents. South Sydney is well connected to the city centre and is home to many parks and beaches. It is also affordable for expats when it comes to accommodation.

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