Commuting to work in Sydney

Commuting to work in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 09:30

As an expat, it is useful to be informed about the easiest, most practical ways to commute to and from work or university. The most popular transportation here is trains. Driving is also prevalent in Sydney as more than half of the population commute by their car to work. People also use car share, buses, and taxis. Cycling and walking are less favoured.

There is no wrong way to travel in Sydney: car, boats, trains and buses are all popular means of transport. Most of the inhabitants residing in and around the city considerate that public transport to be on schedule and generally reliable.


Cars are the most favourable option for the work commute; however, expats who are new to Sydney should first explore the pros and cons of owning a car. Usually, the general populace is fond of having branded vehicles, for example, Audi, Volkswagen, and SUV. It is reasonable and safer to use your car rather than any other mode of commute as it relates to flexibility and feasibility. It makes it easy for individuals who are working outside of regular shifts. Some employers in Sydney or Australia prefer employees with cars and licenses. Keep a GPS navigation device in your vehicle if you are new to the city, in case you lose your path.


The second most favoured means of transportation: trains. The train system is not only way faster but also relatively easy and stress-free. Public transportation system entirely works with on a card called opal and can easily be charged with credit at the stores anywhere in Sydney. The time from seven to nine in the morning is considered the busiest slot of the day. Prices of a commute are usually cheaper after that time until four in the evening. Then, the evening rush hour starts and so do the fares. These go lower again after six in the evening. People opt for trains sometimes because finding parking spaces can be difficult in Sydney. Trains are perfect for expats working in the city centre. Students also find them safer and easy to travel.


Buses are also another option to take for commute each morning, although they are less reliable. Buses, in general, take more time than trains and can be very busy. Buses, more than trains, depart from their schedules quite a lot. Buses, however, are very safe. Priority boarding is given to the disabled. Buses are usually cheaper than trains, too.


There are other options like taxis and carpooling, which are obviously more comfortable but can be pricey. These options are mostly availed by commuters who do not want to drive or have an emergency or want to reach their destination early. Tourists also go for this mode of commute to explore the city due to lack of knowledge. Expats also find it easier to have themselves accommodate near their workplaces as this does not only reduce their travel hours but also provides them with ease.

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