Understanding the work environment in Sydney

Understanding the work environment in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 08:02

Australians are usually considered to be very laid back. And this is not untrue. Even in the workplace, Australians tend to be very casual. They like to keep things easygoing. It can be a bit of a shock for expats when they first encounter the working culture in Australia because of how relaxed it is.

Working in Sydney is rather fun because workplaces are quite informal. This covers professional terms between management and colleagues, the dress code (although it will vary from company to company), the kind of language spoken in the official meetings and social chit chats. Expats usually find it very appealing and get used to it very easily.


Official meetings in Sydney offices frequently begin with casual small talk. Participating and sharing a smidgen of your own experience with your coworkers -if you feel like it of course- usually enable you to tighten your relationship with your colleagues or become better acquainted with your associates. An unwritten rule is to stay clear of politics and religion at work to avoid any awkwardness.

The atmosphere

Get yourself up for heaps of jokes, mild criticism, light mockery, and swearing. Many swear words that would be viewed as extremely inconsiderate in different countries are completely acceptable to use in the discussion in an Australian working environment. Generally, it is recommended to get an idea first from your office mates before you dish out the swear words yourself.

Being an expat, you will feel like you need to adapt to any kind of language used by your peers. However, Australians appreciate honesty and will be more than happy to hear your side of the story.

Australian companies feel very strongly about making their staff at ease and providing for their comfort. They regularly urge their staff to provide feedback and offer suggestions about how to make the workplace better. This works outside of the workplace as well because Australians are straightforward. They have no issue voicing out honestly if something is wrong.

Dress code

Every company will have their own dress codes, but Australian professional dress is generally more informal than elsewhere. Where business attire is necessary, for men, this generally implies a shirt and formal trousers. Women have a larger choice although Australians tend to avoid short skirts, low cuts and figure embracing outfits. Most workplaces in Sydney have a 'casual Friday' where you are allowed to dress down.

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