Looking for advice on living and working in Sydney

Hey all,
I am currently saving up to move to Sydney and need advice on how to go about finding a job, place to live, etc. I am a 19 year old male and am wanting to find a job where i can cook, whether it be in a restaurant, hotel what ever! I am going by myself and want to learn as much as possible before I leave. I am planning to apply for a work holiday visa. Any help would be greatly obliged!

Welcome to Expat-blog, Hamiltonj! :)

For your job hunt, you should view Sydney classifieds. You could also post an advert under the category Jobs (Hotel, Catering,Bar, Restaurant,Tourism).

Good luck!

Hi hamiltonj,

Check out the Australian job websites seek.com.au and mycareer.com.au as a start for your job search. Also, read the previous posts on this forum from others that are already in Australia on a working holiday visa.


A working holiday visa is a simple process. It's quick and if approved, you'll have it granted within 24 hours.


It cost me £135 british pounds. It should be the same across the board. Have fun, see you in Oz!

Thank you all!
You've been a wonderful help