Finding a job in Australia from abroad

Finding a job in Australia from abroad
Updated 2022-10-26 13:08

Finding a job in Australia from abroad

If you are interested in moving to Australia to work, there are two ways to find a job remotely: sponsorship by an Australian company in an industry that needs workers, or a working vacation visa, which allows you to look for a job before coming to Australia.

Good to know:
Make sure you get the appropriate visa for Australia. The working vacation visa is in high demand, as it allows you to work in Australia for one year, with a conditional extension of two to three years.

Recruitment agencies in Australia

One of the proven methods of finding a job from a distance is through recruitment agencies. After a few searches on the internet, you can find the agencies in the state you are most attracted to in Australia. There are generalist agencies and specialized agencies (by sector, for temporary positions, for qualified jobs, etc.).

These platforms allow you, after registering, to fill in the various elements of your CV and to copy and paste your cover letter to be kept informed of existing and future opportunities. Some job applicants have been offered online interviews before even arriving in Australia. Also note that these agencies can assist you in preparing for interviews, writing your resume and give you tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Good to know: Registration is free with these agencies, as the costs are covered by the recruiting companies. Therefore, you are free to register with the agencies that suit you.

Finding a job online in Australia

Not being in Australia yet, the internet is naturally part of your job search arsenal. Online sites such as Seek or Indeed allow you to create a profile, upload your CV, and make it visible to potential employers. Some sites also provide tips and tricks for applying for jobs in Australia. You can control your job search with filters by location, salary, industry and set up alerts for new jobs.

Popular job search sites in Australia include Jora, CareerOne, Adzuna, and Ethical Jobs. LinkedIn is also an effective and powerful job search tool. A social network for professionals, it allows you to showcase your experience and career. Make sure your profile is always up to date!

Resume and cover letter in Australia

Make sure you have an up-to-date CV and cover letter. A search on the internet will allow you to find examples and tips on how to adapt your resume to the Australian style. While this exercise takes time, it will greatly increase your chances of getting interviews.

Remove anything from your resume that is not relevant to the job and use the details of the ad, company information and your goals to build your cover letter. By doing so, you will stand out from the other candidates.

Important: In Australia, it is not common to put a profile picture on your resume. Unless a job posting specifically asks you to include a photo, do not include one.

Remember: Tailor your resume and cover letter to each company you apply to!  

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