Becoming a digital nomad in Australia

Becoming a digital nomad in Australia
Updated 2019-07-26 13:16

Sporting some of the best beaches in the world, an astonishingly diverse wildlife, and sophisticated cosmopolitan cities, Australia is a desirable place for expats and tourists alike. For people who wish to work in Australia, the opportunities are ten-fold, with some of the highest wages and most robust economy in the world - with a good work/life balance, there is no wonder the digital nomad community in Australia is growing.

Benefits of being a digital nomad in Australia

Australia has a lot to offer, and keeping with its laid-back theme, Australia is an excellent place to set up if you are a wandering digital nomad. Not only does it have so much to offer in its natural wonder, but boasts thriving cosmopolitan cities. The good thing about being a digital nomad in Australia is that you can expect to find the necessary comforts and a stable Internet connection even in some of its most remote corners. This has sparked a rapid development of the country's digital nomad community, and you are sure to find like-minded remote workers in this beautiful country.

Coworking spaces are booming: from shared offices designed specifically for working nomads to an abundance of coffee shops serving up stable Wi-Fi and strong brews, you will find your perfect spot to work from. Check out free Wi-Fi spots in Australia here.

Best cities to work from

Sydney is Australia's most populous city and one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads worldwide. The reasons are obvious: the big cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer when it comes to working facilities and leisure. Here, you will have the chance to work with the backdrop of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, while enjoying the city's beautiful landscapes day and night. The only downside of living in Sydney is the rather high cost of living.

Melbourne is another popular choice, having ranked as 'the world's most liveable city' for seven years running. Melbourne is Australia's second most inhabited city, and although it comes with a more laid back pace of life compared to the bustling Sydney, it will set you back about the same in financial terms as it can be quite expensive to live there.

Located among Australia's famous wine regions, Adelaide is an incredibly picturesque city filled with gorgeous beaches, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops and bar strips. With a population of about 1.33 million people, Adelaide is quieter than Sydney and Melbourne, offering its visitors a more resort-like vibe. At the same time, you will find no shortage of coworking spots and remote working hubs.

Brisbane is a very popular city with expats and tourists alike, with its almost perfect climate all year round, and proximity to all of Queensland's outstanding sightseeing spots. Brisbane is the biggest Queensland city, as well as its capital, boasting a population of 2.28 million. Brisbane is said to be cheaper than Melbourne and Sydney, another pull for expats.

Coworking spaces

Australia unfortunately, doesn't boast the best internet, but you will still be able to get all your work done. With a growing digital nomad community, Australia has seen a massive increase in coworking spots dotted throughout Australia. In these places, you will find the best internet as they are set up to withhold a lot of data; more so than a cafe that provides Wi-Fi for their customers where it can be weak if you are looking to download or upload big files. Coworking spaces provide a great professional space where you can concentrate but also socialise, and meet like-minded people. If you are new to Australia, it is worth visiting one at least once a week to get you out of the house and into a professional space.

You can find a decent amount of coworking spaces by a simple Google search, but the more popular ones include:


The Cluster
York Butter Factory
The Hub


Your Desk
Work Inc


River City Labs
Little Tokyo Two


Remember to shop around as you will want to make sure you are getting a price you are comfortable with. Some coworking spaces will be a lot more expensive than others due to their amenities or 'brand'.


Make sure you have an appropriate visa when entering Australia. If you are working as a digital nomad, you may be ok to get a tourist visa only, instead of a work visa, but this should be checked with Home Affairs. Most visas will need character/health requirements met, as well as some financial ones.

Good to know:

If you are looking to become a digital nomad there are a few good sites to keep your eye on that advertise specifically for remote workers including Remote Work, We Work Remotely, and AngelList.

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