How to find work at my age ?

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I am Katrin from Germany and I am 59 years old. For the last 25 years I have been working for different market research companies. My 3 kids are now grown-up, that's why I am up for a new challenge. I would like to move to Australia and start a new career. Unfortunately at my age it is very difficult to get a working visa, although there are several visas , like the TSS visa, which would make me eligible for a job according to the immigration lawyer in Sydney I have consulted. Regarding work I am really very open-minded and flexible. 

Maybe someone could advise me on how to find work at my age.

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Hello and welcome on board @Katrin !

Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Australia forum so that members can guide you.

I think that if you can showcase your skills in a creative way, you might well find an opportunity. Have you already created an optimised profile on LinkedIn ? Networking is key.

You may also create your CV In the Jobs in Australia section and perhaps contact Recruitment Agencies in Australia

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Thank you so much for the warm welcoming and the support,  Bhavna.

I already have a LinkedIn profile : … -006b3646/

and have just set up my CV on the recommended platform.

Fingers crossed :)

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Hi Katrin, it looks like you've only started a new job this year but you have plenty of experience in data management. If you have the skills and experience, you're just as employable as anyone else. What field are you looking to go into?