Singaporean searching for job in Australia

Hi everyone, I am new in this forum. I am a Singaporean guy looking for work opportunities anywhere in Australia. I was a graduate from the National University of Singapore and have around 2 years plus of work experience. However, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, unlike most people who have a technical degree such as Engineering.As such, can anyone advise me on the type of job opportunities that would be available in Australia? I am willing to relocate to any part of Australia.I am also willing to venture into new fields if given the chance. I understand that the mining industry in Australia is booming. Is there any chance I could get into the industry without any technical experience? Is it adequate if I were to spend 2 weeks in Australia for job hunting without having to relocate permanently first? Thank you.

Hi Norandy,
I don't know how successful you will be coming to Australia without having an Australian working visa granted to you to apply for jobs. You may want to visit to determine what visas you may qualify for and what requirements there are.

You may have heard of people being sponsored. However, those are for certain skilled workers and that they must meet certain requirements. Even people that have been granted Permanent Resident (PR) visas and working holiday visa don't always have an easy time finding a job. So if you don't even have a working visa, then it probably will be more difficult.

Try visiting online job websites such as and to see what job opportunities there are.

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Maybe you could try posting an advert in the Australia jobs section.
It might be helpful!


jb09, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately,as you mentioned I have not attained a work visa yet because I would prefer to attain a job first before doing so. I am thinking of visiting Perth, Sydney or Melbourne this coming June for a short period in search of job opportunities.This is so because I have limited savings and I am afraid that if I were to be jobless in Australia, it might not be enough for me to survive there.

Armand, thanks for the suggestion. I might look into it :).

best way is to get sponsor to work in Australia.
try out way apply for holiday visa to working in Australia.

Singaporean in sydney

work in the farm the best way to get the job.

Hi Norandy,

From part of your response above:  Unfortunately,as you mentioned I have not attained a work visa yet because I would prefer to attain a job first before doing so.

Just a background that most companies in Australia will likely not offer you a job without you having a valid Australian working visa. As someone suggested, a working holiday visa would suit you for this initial trip. However, I briefly looked at it looks like Singapore is not one of the participating countries.

Good luck.