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I am from the USA but am looking to relocate to Australia on a work and holiday visa for 1 year. Am looking for jobs in the farming/ranch industry. I have horse and dairy experience. The visa requires that I have $5000AUD in the bank....that won't be possible! What should I do? Should I just start applying for jobs anyway in hopes to get a sponsor? Then I could get a work visa?

Hi bluewhale21,

Have you checked out the Australian Immigration website immi.gov.au to get that information for the financial requirement? That website should provide more information about the different visa opportunities.

As having gone through applying for a visa and being approved, I know about having to meet the requirements stated on the specific visas. I believe the holiday working visa is probably the easiest visa to get if you meet the age and financial requirements if the country you are a citizen of is one of the participating countries. The reason being it's only valid for 1 year compared to the others.

$5000AUD seems to be a lot of money. However, I think the Australian Govt set it at this amount in order to subsidize the person when they arrive in Australia if by chance they are not able to make that much as expected. Have you done the research to indicate how you plan to pay (budget) where you will live, food, transportation,etc.?  What happens if for say it will take you two weeks or more to find a job?  If you have never been to Australia before, depending which city you plan to stay, prices of most items will be a higher than you are used to. A price comparison I can give you is for the 20oz pepsi/coke bottles that they commonly sell in the US at vending machines for around $1.40. In the stores and restaurants that I visited in Australia, that same pepsi/coke bottle was around AUD$3.50. The exchange rate for US$ to AUD$ is about $1 for $1 at this time depending which website you visit to find this information.

You asked about applying for jobs in hopes to get a sponsor.  It does not hurt to apply at all.  But from my experience in communicating with Human Resource reps from some of the job postings that I inquired about through email, I was told that it is best that I already be in Australia to be interviewed. It did not matter that I already had a permanent resident visa. I was told that the only way someone would be sponsored or be interviewed for a job posting online is if they had a highly specialized skill that a company needed without ever setting foot in Australia.  Even with all the technology that is presently available such as Skype, most companies would prefer to interview someone in person and that the person has made the move to Australia. This was told to me by all three human resource reps that I had interviewed with in person while I visited Australia.

This is my experience but I've read through some posts that some people have been successful in being sponsored without actually having to be in Australia yet. It all depends on that applicants skills and work experience and what the hiring company is looking for and wants.

If you are able to get a holiday working visa and make the move to Australia. There are times that some job seekers do get sponsored by the company that they are temporarily working for. One of the human resource reps told be that she came over to Australia with a holiday working visa. She got the job offer within 2 weeks after she arrived. Then 3 months or later, her company offered to sponsor her for a different working visa that could extend her stay in Australia.

You can also look into being sponsored by some of the States such as Victoria, New South Wales,etc that has a shortage in some skills. You will need to do some research in google.com to find out the specific websites. This usually entails fulfilling some requirements in their list and it can take some time if you would be approved or not. There is also some restriction that some States have that will require to only be able to work within a specific area of that State and for a certain number of years. If you get approved for the visa, it does not come with a job offer. You will have to find a job on your own.

The different visa options are explained in more detail in immi.gov.au if what I explained above is confusing.

So when I said that the holiday working visa is probably the easiest to get is based on what others have posted on this forum. They applied online and got approved in a couple of days or a week. This certainly is a lot faster than most of the visas which can take a couple of months to years.

Good luck.

Hi Bluewhale 21

We can certainly help you and if you join an organisation you do not have to find $5000 before you come (your return air ticket and any programme fee will count!)

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We hope to welcome you here some time soon - mid January is the first possible time!


We can help you - I seem to remember answering this before in another blog.
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hi jb09

im from usa. too and as far as for anglos go or caucasians its getting harder and harder to find employment mostly sustain it. So im looking to try abroad as well. the standard of living here is decaying rapidly. faster than i thought it might, and in 10 years , where are going to be (without question) an economically depsoed majority if not political.

So im making my secondary plans. A work visa in austrilia perth cause theres less migraiton there. i am currently almost graduated as medical coder. or medical assistant , and like to get some help exploring my oppurtunities horizons in austrilia. i know austrilia is desperate for workers, quesiton is

is there any ogranization beside austrilia.gov/ that can help me petition for work i mean with the amount of positions you guys have. there should be some orgnization to bring people over. other than sponser itself. or gov. 



Hi Ray!

I suggest you to create a new topic on the Australia forum if you have specific questions.

Thanks and regards

Hi Ray,

I am not aware of any organization that assist people to come over  to Australia. This may have been more common years back for the country. But since the Australian government has opened up immigration opportunities for skilled workers and temporary visitors/workers with the holiday working visa, it is the individual person having to work in starting the application for the visa or applying for jobs to get sponsored.

However, what exists are recruiting companies that are hired by companies to find candidates for them to review. Or each company has their own human resource group that does the searching. The two most common Australian online job websites are mycareer.com.au or seek.com.au  There might be more but these are the ones I look at for job postings. On these websites, you may register and set up submitting your resume to their database. There are companies who review the database for potential candidates. If you fit the qualifications that they are looking for, they may attempt to contact you directly. Or you may have the option to apply directly for the job online. As for being sponsored, the only professions that I've heard that have been sponsored from overseas were nurses, executives/mgmt positions, or in IT.  But it doesn't mean other professions are not sponsored. It all depends on the companies that need workers and may need to accept applicants from overseas.

I think it is sort of misleading about what we are interpreting of Australia needing workers. This might be true. However, it doesn't mean there is a job for everyone that comes to the country. The companies still want to get the best candidate for the job they need to fill. This means that even though there might be 100 applicants who fit the qualifications, they can only pick one,etc. There is still competition of jobs in Australia as it is in the US.

From my visit to Australia on vacation and from some Americans posting on this forum who currently live there, things cost more compared to the US.  If you plan in moving there, just prepared of the cost of living, houses, cars, food, etc. will likely be more costly than what you maybe used to. While the salary of jobs might be the same or lower than what the US pays.