Canadian Paramedic Moving To Australia

Hi all!

I'm currently doing my ride time as a paramedic student in Canada. I'm due to graduate in July/August so I am just sending out some questions which will hopefully be answered.
I will be graduating as a Principal Care Paramedic (PCP) and I am planning to work for 1-3 years after.
As far as I am aware, Australian Paramedics must complete a 3-4 year university degree which I believe is more similar to Advance Care Paramedic (ACP) training than it is to PCP training.
I currently have Temporary Residency (Spousal Visa) in Australia which is due to be upgraded to Permanent Residency in 2018.
My main questions are:
I am fairly certain I will need to upgrade my education in Australia. Is this true?
If an upgrade is needed, will I have to complete the full degree, or would I be able to spend a shorter time in school?
My partner is from NSW, but I am willing to look at working anywheres in Australia....wherever will increase my chances of being hired.
Looking for any information on which way I should be approaching this and any information regarding the approach itself!

South Australia has recently, for the very first time, advertised for interstate and overseas paramedics to join its ambulance service. go to … ncies.aspx

good luck

Awesome! Taking a look at it now!

Hello, I'm not sure if you'll see this since the post is a few years old but the link you posted is no longer available and I'd love to learn more.  If you know where to find the information and could let me know that would be amazing.


Type 'ambulance careers Australia' into your search engine. There are jobs on websites there.