Work in Austrilia..

SO, like many I want to come visit Australia!! The Downunder!
I have several questions! And I'm hoping some of y'all can help me! (by the way I'm new here and this is my first post!)

My goal is to be in Australia in less than a year on a Holiday Visa. While I am there I actually want to WORK the full year! I want to work around horses and cattle. My main goal is to learn different horse training techniques. I am very interested in the Australian lifestyle and the beauty of the country and I can't wait to experience it!!

And the questions began...

1) I found this place online, Real Gap. They claim that they will train your for about a week and help you find jobs according to your skills. I am very interested in this..Unfortunately its about $2,000! yikes! (there is benefits included in that) My questions is...Would I have to go through a place like that to find a job? Or are ranch jobs easy to come by?

2)What part of Australia has horses, cattle and ranches? Is it all over or just NSW? I'm trying to decide on a location.

3)What is the weather like? compared to Florida USA if possible. What kind of clothing would I need to have?

4) Are the bugs really as bad as everybody makes them seem? I'm not scared of bugs but I'm also not a big fan. =)

5) I would like to find people from Australia to communicate with, kind of like a pen pal, How can I find something like this?

I will leave it at 5 questions for now. I greatly appreciate all answers! Thank you for you time!

Happy Trails,

I would not bother with them. Just scamming you for money.

For jobs on farms in Oz, you should do an online search as farms, especially cropping farms, look for workers from time to time

We have the worlds most venomous snakes and plenty of other bugs too.

Climate varies from state to state.

There are cattle farms all over australia. 

If you are serious about then get the working holiday visa. Spend some time online searching for palces to work.

I'm not looking for a cropping job. I really want to be around horses and cattle. Do you have a recommendation on what part I should look in? I've been looking online and there is tons of jobs for crop picking.

I'm not too scared of snakes. If you leave them alone, they should leave you alone.

Thank you!! =)

Pehaps type in 'jackeroo jobs australia' into your search engine and see what comes up.
Or 'cattle station jobs australia'

I am in the same situation wanting to visit Australia on a visitors visa then find work. I would like to do crops though coz thats wat im doing now in South Africa. My question is can you apply for a work permit whilst visiting and on a visitors visa?

You would be better to get a working holiday visa then whilst working you can also look around for work.

Check out which should give you the information you are seeking

Thanks Stumpy, i had a look at the website and unfortunately the working holiday visa has age restrictions. im over 30 and not sure which other option there is.

Good day to all of you over there,i will be happy if anyone help me to go there to meet with new friends.pls help me to do any work over there.


Go onto the website on my previous post. You need a visa first.

How to do for to obtain a work in australy
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maybe thaere are a company need to work with me
IŽm honestly, worked and like to live in Australy so a have a boy too. my e mail is

How I can to do for to obtain a work in australy
I m chilean but I donŽt have many for the tiket a im studient  english
maybe thaere are a company need to work with me
IŽm honestly, worked and like to live in Australy .my e mail is


To be honest you will not get a work in Australia without qualifications.

For a visa go to this website for all the information on types of visas etc.

the best thing you can do is to visit the Australian immigration website there you will have all the information or contract an immigration agent services.
Don't give your money for those who promise job bla, bla.bla because the immigration law in Australia is very tough!
If you come on visitor visa, you can not change for holiday work, and some countries is allowed to be granted holiday work visa, as example notional from Brazil can not be granted work holiday visa.
You can find out on Australian immigration website.
Good luck

you should come to Australia as student.
you are allowed to work 20 hours with student visa.
If you want I can introduce you to my friend. She has an agency, and do everything for you to come to Australia.
But it cost money, others agency will Charles a lots of moneys from you.

Why not try a working holiday visa ??

I am a management graduate pleace if you will help me to be a good sponcer I want to work in australia for two years. try to do the best of.thank you.

That is not easy!

No one can help you. You have to help yourself.

if you have jobs for me please send your advise

The first thing you have to do is go online to and see if you qualify for a visa.

You have to go through a process before you can get a job here in Australia.

You cannot just ask forum members for a job.

Thats right! To get job in the Australia isn't easy.
Who is really interested in that, should read all the information on website of the australua immgration, or contract an agent imigration registed then they fix you up.
Dont forget to save some bucks, that cost money ok
Good lucky!

Hola amigo usted es brasilero?, yo entiendo perfectamente el portugués, veo que tiene bastante información en cuanto a emigrar. Yo tengo pasaporte de la comunidad europeo y podemos entrar al país sin visa, mi pregunta es la siguiente, estando alla de vacaciones, y consigo un empleo puedo pedir la residencia, gracias por todo


As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in English so that we can understand your post and perhaps assist you.

hello to everyone on this forum, I have a European Community passport and can enter the country without a visa, my question is this, being beyond vacation and Employment can get a residence order, thanks for all

1.Ranches are called Stations. As Stumpy said Jackeroo jobs are the ones who work with cattle. Though Jackaroo is the male term Jilleroo is the female term.

2. The Further inland you get the hotter it becomes. This is due to the distance away from the sea providing cooling winds. So if you do end up doing station work be prepared to be hot, sweaty, dusty and surrounded by flies. If the station is located near bush then during summer months you may encounter bush fires. Whether or not you'll be given training on how to fight these I'm not sure

3. The Insects aren't that bad. Though just watch out for White tips, redbacks - The spider you're most likely to encounter (hospital charts have deemed them deadly). Key tip always check any gloves, boots, hats, equipment you use prior to putting it on as it may be containing any one of these. If you encounter snakes, seeing as you'll be around stations you're likely to run into Browns and Taipans and red bellies. These are all deadly to within an hour of poisoning if untreated. You will be trained in basic spider and snake bite bandage usage and information on how to avoid being bitten. Though further note if you are near the east coast on a farm there you may encounter a Funnel Web these are considered deadly also

As I saw some of the post from the real Australian people, maybe you're all right; it's really hard to get a job in Australia, You won't even find one, in just a snap—although my dream is to go there, but I really have to think it first, I mean, you have to planned everything before going to that state.  I heard that, when you work there, you'll going to get good benefits and other good stuff in Australia—which give me a reason to be tempted on that --but I honestly in love already in that country with some of the striking places there? I can say; “I am obsessed now.”  If there is any, who can help me find better information (Aside from the link that I saw here.) on how to get a job there? I must say:”Thank you so much in advance.”  I'm just a big fan of that country—and by seeing some of the people who already live there? I am now totally jealous at all of you.


An EU passport will not get you employment or residency in Australia.
To get into the country for a visit you will need a tourist visa.

For visa information and online applications

The site looks good but I don't know how to find a good job in Australia. I am ready to go to Australia but how to find a job? What kind of job can i find?

Find job here in australia is not that easy. Depends what sort of job you do, previous experiency, network contacts and a lots of search.
Wish you a good lucky!

Thank you for your answer, but i heard something similar. I mean how to make a work visa? I can't find an employer...  and i have a legal question.. When i shall be in Australia is as a tourist, can i make a work visa? Why i can't find offers about a job in Australia on international level? I mean with Russian contragents... I am looking for a clear conditions for a job in the Australia.

I am 30, what jobs are acceptable?

You cannot come in on a tourist visa and then change it to a work visa.

As far as getting a job the website has a list of preferred skills that may get you a chance at a visa.

Another thing to consider is to apply for a university or college course and come in on a student visa. This allows you to work part time.

Consider a working holiday visa too.

I am Indian from Hyderabad. I am a Software developer. I am start the process to go Australia with the PR. How difficult to get a Software job in Australia. When we can't find the job for months. What is the source to live in Australia with the small jobs. How can we earn with the small jobs and cost of living averagely. Thank You.

Hello Srinath,

I obtained my PR recently and would be leaving to AUS may be in Jan or Feb.

yeah s/w developers have a good scope there but you need to make some ground work and then start your processing. Depending on the domain you are working, choose a state which can sponsor you.

So this makes your work easy. Best way... Goto and find the jobs related to your arena and expertise, post which you will be able to make a decision about the state you want to apply. If not PR on a independent level would be good.




I think we are talking about how to find a job in the Australia. I think the adverts on the site about life and a job in the Australia were published for employees, who want to find a job but the name of site "Expats" is not fit for real deals and for good job. I don't see a program for foreigners!

Thank You Chandan.. did a great help.

Anytime Bro ! Jus get in touch with me if you need somemore info on anything.. I would be glad to help you.

I have applied for a PR 190 sub class south Aus nominated iam an MBA finance graudate having 7 yrs of.exp in investment banking...i wuld like to know the job opportunities...can someone please give some opinions

I have an idea we can talk about real deals. Who can tell us about the real experience?

Anyone here to give some ideas about mba in south australia